Comparing Two Springfield Armory 9mm Sub-Compact Carry Guns

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Duration: 4:52

Rob Pincus compares two Springfield Armory 9mm sub-compact carry guns: the Springfield XD-S 3.3-inch Single Stack and the Springfield XD Mod.2 3-inch Sub-Compact. These are two popular choices for people looking to move from a full-size to a sub-compact carry gun.

Double Stack or Single Stack?

First priority with a carry gun may be capacity. How many rounds can the gun hold? The double stack obviously holds more. But Rob stresses that carryability and shootability are also important factors for handgun training and defensive use. Carryability means, can I carry this gun comfortably all day and can I dress so it will remain concealed? We know that if the answers are “no,” people will probably leave the gun at home instead of carrying it, and then it doesn’t matter how many rounds it holds. Carryability is why many people choose a single-stack even though it has less capacity than a double-stack.

Biggest Difference

The Springfield XD-S is a single-stack with a capacity of eight rounds, or nine with an extended magazine. Putting a full-size magazine into the XD Mod.2, you have a capacity of 16 rounds, a significant increase over the XD-S’s nine rounds.


How easy is the gun to shoot? Unless you have very small hands, the double-stack XD Mod.2 fills your hand better. The single-stack Springfield XD-S doesn’t give your hand as much to hold onto. This makes you slow down a little bit when shooting it. The XD Mod.2 with its double-stack grip is easier to shoot.

Grip Safety

However, many people prefer the Springfield XD-S over the XD Mod.2 because of the grip safety.

Figure out whether the Springfield XD-S or the XD Mod.2 is best for you when it comes to a subcompact Springfield Armory personal carry gun. For more firearms training videos, stay here on PDN.

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      No, we don’t. The main reason is that the difference between the two guns are almost the same regardless of caliber. As you move from 9mm to a larger caliber in the same model gun you lose magazine capacity as well as speed to follow up shots due to the bigger felt recoil.

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