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Dedicated .22 LR Training Rifle

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Professionals aren’t the only ones using ARs today. Many homeowners use an AR-15-type rifle as their primary home defense gun. Training can be a challenge because of the cost and/or scarcity of full-power .223/5.56mm ammunition. One option now is a dedicated .22 LR AR-type firearm, which can be used to save money on ammo. But we want to conduct realistic training without having to buy a whole new set of accessories to match those on the AR. In this tutorial video, Rob Pincus shows how to switch accessories such as an optic, weapon-mounted light, and sling from the AR to the .22 LR.

Tags: .223, .556, BCO, browe, combat optic, Defensive Carbine, Light Caliber, M&P 15-22, Optics Mount, Rob Pincus, Tactical light