Defensive Accuracy: Yes or No… Get Hits as Fast as You Can

Duration: 3:50

Accuracy is a yes or no proposition in defensive shooting. You define your target, and your goal is to hit it. More or less accurate is not the issue. Rob Pincus explains why.

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3 Responses to “Defensive Accuracy: Yes or No… Get Hits as Fast as You Can”
  1. WIll Rowell
    WIll Rowell

    Thanks for that video. It answered a question that I have been struggling with since I received my concealed carry, a few months ago.

  2. Philip

    OMG I’ve been giving this talk to State Troopers and Concealed Carry permit holders in Maryland for years! I am so glad to hear someone else say this! The B-27 was the worst target to use for defensive training. A low center of mass shot? Really? A hit is a hit is a hit. How we train is how we will perform in combat (self defense). Get the firearm out and on target and fire. Aiming (S.A. & S.P.) up close is just not necessary.

  3. Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    As a law enforcement officer and member of my agency’s SWAT team, I 100% agree with this assessment. Having been in an on duty shooting, while working a plain clothes detail, I can tell you that engaging the threat quickly and stopping the threat, is far more important than a 3″ group.