Firearm Safety: Unload and Clear Firearm

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Duration:   6  mins

Rob Pincus is on the range to talk about firearm safety and how to unload and clear your firearm at the end of a practice session or training course. The procedure he follows is to release the magazine and lock the slide open while in the high compressed ready position, not looking at the gun. Then look at the gun to check for rounds, leaving it locked open. Confirm with someone else that the gun is empty. Reholster the gun with the slide locked open and put the gun in its case. Rob also discusses why he does not pull the trigger to confirm the gun is unloaded for his firearm safety.

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One Response to “Firearm Safety: Unload and Clear Firearm”

  1. RioShooter

    Years ago when I competed in IDPA, our club followed the standard procedure with hammer down as one of the commands. I’ll never forget the night when a gun when bang on that command. Fortunately, the gun was facing down range and there were no injuries. The range officer and the safety officer couldn’t understand how that happened. But it did. The method in the video is much safer.

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