Gun Lights: Handheld vs. Gun-Mounted

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Duration: 3:34

Rob Pincus reviews the advantages of combining both a handheld and a gun-mounted light as options. Especially in a home defense situation involving any movement or other family members, you will be better served by having gun lights mounted on your primary defense guns so that you will always have a light even if you loose or drop your primary handheld flashlight. Rob also reviews the proper use of gun lights intermittently and indirectly so that you can avoid blinding yourself and/or pointing a gun at someone who is not a threat.

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One Response to “Gun Lights: Handheld vs. Gun-Mounted”

  1. Phil

    Remember that no matter how you stage a firearm, either with or without a gun mounted light, in the dark of night, plan to have a way to re-secure that weapon. Especially if the incident includes responding Law Enforcement. I keep a light bearing holster on a Velcro belt with a mag pouch and light holster. The last thing you need is to be standing there with a gun in your hand when LE shows up, unless it is otherwise absolutely necessary.
    You never get to choose how an incident unfolds, but being prepared should be the least of your worries.