Holosun 503CU Elite

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Rob Pincus started using Holosun sights in 2017. He then took them on the 2017 PDN Training Tour and loaned them to students. He was impressed with their durability, clarity, battery life, and value for money.

Now PDN is proud to have Holosun as a sponsor on the 2018 PDN Training Tour, and we look forward to working with Holosun even more closely in the future.

Holosun 503CU Elite Green Dot Sight

The Holosun 503CU Elite green dot sight is a circle and dot version that uses battery and/or solar power from the solar panel built into it. Rob prefers to rely on battery power, and this one has a 50,000-hour potential life with the dot only. If you use the dot and the circle, it varies. It has ten adjustment levels for visible light and two for night vision.

Holosun is a value brand, not a bargain brand. The 503CU Elite comes with two different mounting options. The flat mount works well on an AK, and the riser mount is better for an AR.

Rob has an AR pistol equipped with the 503CU Elite green dot sight with riser mount that puts the 503CU over the Viridian light and laser and allows Rob to use his back-up flip-up iron sights. Aiming the rifle with everything up, Rob can still see the circle and the dot of the Holosun very clearly.

It’s a 2 MOA dot with a 65 MOA circle around it. The iron sights are visible through the optic.

Advantages of the Green Dot Sight

On sights, green works better than red for a lot of people’s eyes, and now Holosun offers a green dot sight in various configurations and at a fair price. If you’re looking for an optic to add to your defensive gear for a patrol rifle, a defensive rifle, or even a hunting rifle, Holosun may be the right choice for you. It’s excellent for competition or plinking as well.

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3 Responses to “Holosun 503CU Elite”

  1. John Hansen

    I did look at this brand when I was looking for a sighting system. One thing that kept me from buying this brand was the Warranty, they could not beat the lifetime warranty that Vortex Optics has in place. If anything happens to it, it is fixed/replaced no questions asked. Vortex has customer service that is unmatched by anyone.

  2. TomC

    This looks interesting, but I ran into one thing in a recent customer review that gives me some pause: “The optic is nice and small, and the green circle dot redicle is easy to see…..from BOTH SIDES of the optic. While the view thru the sight is great, From the front you see the green led emitter shining like a beacon and TWO circle dot reticles superimposed on one another.”

    I’m not strongly worried about this (I use a laser on my defensive pistols and one carbine) but it is a potential concern that I hope you could comment on.

    • Customer Service

      Hi Tom. If someone is an armed professional working in a war zone or some other capacity where stealth is a high priority this would be an issue. Also, to see that led I think you would need to be looking straight down the tube which would mean the rifle is on the target. With a rifle for personal defense this is less of an issue since you would be, barricaded, some other position of advantage, or moving quickly through the home to a loved one, not hunting for a bad guy.

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