How to Use Pepper Spray

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Duration: 5:55

Sabre instructors David and Tricia demonstrate not only how to use pepper spray properly but also, what you should know about employing pepper spray as a less-lethal device. This includes the effective distance and number of shots per canister, the characteristics of the spray (to include spray patterns), becoming familiar with how to deploy the canister, making it accessible, proper grip, arming and disarming the device, and proper presentation. The advantages of using pepper spray are also discussed.

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2 Responses to “How to Use Pepper Spray”

  1. JOHN

    Very informative. Sabre is the brand I buy for my better half and her friends. You won’t find many how-to vids for pepper spray.
    Top notch and thanks to the folks at PDN and Sabre for this video!

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