LaserLyte LT-Pro: Laser Trainer

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Duration:   1  mins

Adjustable for calibers .380 through .45, the LaserLyte LT-Pro training laser allows you to train with either a dedicated inert training gun or your own concealed carry pistol in a safe environment with absolutely no ammunition costs. The LT-Pro activates every time you pull the trigger to place a laser dot on your target. You can train with paper targets or LaserLyte interactive training targets in your own home to augment your live fire practice.

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2 Responses to “LaserLyte LT-Pro: Laser Trainer”

    • Art Frewin

      how much did the lasers cost, did you contact the manufacturer for a replacement? heck i was interest and if i ever get a little extra money, but i would need something more dorable. even if they only cost $20, i would expect it to hold up better.

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