Learn How to Break In a Handgun

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Duration:   6:54   mins

Today’s guns come off the assembly line theoretically ready to fire. In reality most guns require a break-in period to allow parts to mesh together and result in a gun that functions reliably. PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham shares his gun break-in procedure so you can learn how to break in a handgun, which is quick, easy to do, and allows the parts to burnish themselves before the gun is taken to the range and tested for functioning.

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5 Responses to “Learn How to Break In a Handgun”

  1. Frank Stabler

    Does that model handgun require you have a finger on the trigger when you disassemble it?

    • Customer Service


      Yes, the gun used in the video is a Steyr M-A1 pistol and one of the steps in the field stripping process is to pull the trigger.

      Personal Defense Network

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