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We always want to train realistically, and we need the right gear to do that, including magazines. Springfield Armory is going to make that possible: When you purchase a select sub-compact handgun in Springfield’s XD line, they’ll give you three extra magazines free.

Eligible Products and Details

Buy any one of these handguns designed for concealed carry and claim your three free magazines: any XD-S 3.3 inch or 4 inch, any XD-S Mod.2, any XD subcompact, any XD Mod.2 subcompact, or any XD-E.

Springfield Armory’s Gear Up Concealed Carry promotion is running from April 1 through June 30, 2018. After purchasing the eligible handgun, go to the Springfield Armory Gear Up site and enter the gun’s serial number and date of purchase, and Springfield will ship the three free magazines to you.

Extra Mags for Training and Practice

This is a great opportunity to get not only a reliable defensive concealed carry gun but also get the extra magazines you want for handgun training and practice. We hope you’ll be doing some of that training on the 2018 Personal Defense Network Training Tour, also happening right now, or you could be learning online from the PDN Academy or from any of our contributing instructors.

Having extra magazines is valuable for two reasons: first, for training realistically. Reloading your one and only magazine is most likely not going to be possible in a real-life critical incident, so you should train to let the empty magazine drop and insert a fresh full one that you also carry on you.

Second, you might want to keep one or two magazines in almost pristine condition, making sure they operate, and use your other two or three magazines for all your range practice. The practice magazines will get muddy, dirty, and dinged up from dropping to the concrete floor of indoor ranges or the hard gravel of outdoor ranges, and you may not want to use them for everyday carry.

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