Springfield Armory XD-E .45 ACP

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The Springfield Armory XD-E is now available in .45 ACP. If you’re familiar with the XD-E, you know that it’s unlike many of the polymer-frame steel-slide guns you’ve seen recently from Springfield, because it has an exposed hammer.


The Springfield Armory XD-E .45 ACP can be used in a few different ways. It has a manually operated safety lever that is also a decocker, a double-action first trigger pull, and an exposed hammer. Some people really like these features, and the XD-E .45 ACP gives you a great way to have these features in a slim, single-stack concealed carry defensive handgun.

Standard-configuration flush magazine is six rounds of .45 ACP. Two options are available: One magazine has an extended rest for your pinky, offering a more full-handed grip. It’s also six rounds. The second option is an extended magazine that comes with a sleeve and holds seven rounds, for a total of eight rounds of .45 ACP in a very compact and controllable package.

Mode of Operation Choices

The XD-E .45 ACP has a 3.3-inch barrel. Because of its manually operated safety lever/decocker and exposed hammer, you have choices as to how you can carry this as a self-defense weapon. You can carry the XD-E .45 ACP with a double-action first shot and then go subsequently to single action. Or you can carry it with the gun cocked in single-action mode (take the safety off and you’re in single-action mode for all your shots). Third choice is, you can decock the gun into double action and keep the safety on for even more redundancy and more safety when you draw the gun.


The Springfield Armory XD-E .45 ACP is a very versatile gun and a very reliable gun in a very compact package. If you’re looking for a manually operated safety lever or exposed hammer, this may be your perfect concealed-carry gun.

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