An Update on Becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor

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If you’re interested in becoming a defensive shooting instructor, there are more ways to do that today than there were in the past. Learn more about one comprehensive and professional program.


A few years ago, PDN’s Deryck Poole made a video about becoming a defensive shooting instructor. Things have changed since then and he wants to update everyone on one of the best routes to take for becoming an instructor: the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) Live-Fire Defensive Shooting Instructor Certification.

This program was developed by USCCA with Rob Pincus and it’s a great way for those who are interested in becoming a defensive firearms instructor to get into the business.


The USCCA Live-Fire Defensive Shooting Instructor Certification course is split into two levels with two different exercises for each level. The first portion is several modules of e-learning, where you watch video lectures and then take a final exam.

After passing the exam, you are eligible to take the live-fire portion of the course. It consists of two days on the range with a senior training counselor who will run you through the drills, range procedures, and lecture blocks that you need to know.

After successful completion and certification at level one, you will have attained the skills necessary to go out and teach with integrity a new student how to safely operate a handgun and use it in a concealed carry environment so they can get their concealed carry permit.


In level two, you expand upon your base of knowledge. Level two has the same procedure as level one, with blocks of e-learning and an exam followed by live-fire range training. This advanced level gives you the opportunity to increase your depth of knowledge and hone your teaching skills.

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2 Responses to “An Update on Becoming a Defensive Shooting Instructor”
  1. Steve Miller
    Steve Miller

    Hey Guys. Would love your thoughts on becoming a defensive shooting instructor with USCCA. I’m a member of the USCCA, taken the defensive handgun course and enjoyed. Been a lifetime gun enthusiast (59) but am not military or law enforcement. Seems it would be tough for someone like me competing for business with active duty law enforcement and retired military. Was thinking of doing something like this part time, but? Your thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Steve. Many great teachers in the industry have no experience as an armed professional in either the military or law enforcement. The skills learned and required to be an armed professional doesn’t necessarily translate into an excellent teacher of the information. Also, many of the skills learned in these endeavors don’t translate to the armed citizen looking to be better prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, then, by all means, pursue it, and the USCCA DSF instructor program is a great place to start.
      Deryck- Personal Defense Network