Using an LED Microlight

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An LED microlight is a simple utility item that is inexpensive and very easy to carry. It’s a great item to have in a medical kit or pocket, or attached to a keychain. Packs of ten can be bought for about $12 and each microlight lasts for many hours.


Consider this little light part of your defensive gear due to its versatility and utility. Most high-quality LED microlights have an instant-on switch as well as a switch for constant on. You can clip it on to something, for example your shirt, if you need a light source and your hands free while you are working with your med kit.

Some types of microlight come with a replaceable lithium battery; an unbreakable, high-intensity LED; a quick-release ring; and 24K gold-plated contacts.

A microlight is so small that you can keep one staged permanently in even a small ankle-type medical kit. Many microlights come with a keychain-type clip so you can attach it to your med kit, or simply tuck it into a pocket of the kit.


An LED microlight may be one of your most inexpensive personal protection accessories, as they are available in multi packs. Suggested uses include: put one in your backpack, one in your purse, one in your medical kit, one on your keychain, and anywhere else you think it may come in handy. Also give one each to your kids, one to your spouse, and one or more to your friends.

Lightweight, inexpensive, easy to use and useful in many situations, an LED microlight is one piece of preparedness equipment you really shouldn’t go without. The list of reasons you may need a light source is long and varied, and a microlight is very easy to keep on or near your person at all times.