When a Text Message Can Improve Your Safety

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Duration: 4:25

Many people talk about the negatives of electronic communications in regard to distraction, privacy and our general personal defense efforts, but Kelly Muir shares some thoughts about how text messaging can actually enhance your safety in certain situations.

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6 Responses to “When a Text Message Can Improve Your Safety”

  1. Creed7641

    Thanks Kelly, very good and informative info. I will share this with a few High Schools in my area.

  2. Jess Green

    Agree with creed7641, some school internet filters would BLOCK this very valuable advice to our digitally distracted generation. Had a summer camp group out for a day at the park and some “concerned parent/adults” came and “warned me” about the picture of a gun the kids had drawn on the sidewalk (Yes, it is THAT stupid out there) 

  3. Larry Arnold

    Great advice! In Hunter Education we teach “plan your
    hunt, and hunt your plan.” Part of that process is leaving your plan with
    someone responsible.

    There’s no better negative example than the recent movie
    “127 Hours” where the climber had to cut off his own hand to get free
    from a situation and survive. ALL he had to do is tell someone where he was
    going and when he would return, and he would have saved himself a lot of grief.

    The one thing I would add to the lesson is to make sure you
    text someone who will take it seriously enough to go into action if necessary.

  4. Dean Craig

    one more suggestion – learn to use your txt messages to send a distress signal with your location in it – lat and lon.  I found an app called handcent that lets you send your coordinates in just a couple clicks.

  5. elder abuse
    elder abuse

    Increasing standards and raising the level of care patient’s receive in facilities wilol one day
    end such violations. Financial predators abound,
    offering unneeded services, not providing adequate service when hiired or using contests, sweepstakes and lottery tickwts tto get money.

    Another example would be a wife coming hoe to find her husband in bed with another woman