Springfield Armory – XD9 Mod.2 4” Tactical Gray

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Duration: 4:52

Springfield Armory’s XD 9mm Mod.2 4” is now available in Tactical Gray. If you like the features of the XD Mod.2, this has all of them. Only the color is different. But there’s more to say about the color.

The gray color on the Springfield Armory XD 9mm Mod 2 is consistent — a nice deep, dark Tactical Gray. But the gray color on Balance of Speed and Precision targets is not a uniform gray. The reason it’s not consistent on the entire target is in order to highlight the preferred target areas on a human body — the high center chest and the head.

When doing handgun training and practice, aim to keep all shots inside the gray areas. Rob Pincus explains more about these preferred target areas and how to keep shots inside them.

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