• Personal Defense Readiness: Natural Tools

    What is your body's natural response prior to any training? Does that have any protective or tactical application? If so, why aren't we incorporating it into personal defense? Tony Blauer discusses these questions and more.

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  • Defensive Shooting in Motion Drill

    The Shooting in Motion Drill is a dynamic advanced drill. Be sure that all participants have had extensive practice presenting from the holster while moving rapidly offline (lateral movement) and clearly understand the safe backstop areas on the range.

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  • Figure 8 Defensive Drills in Depth

    Rob Pincus talks about the Figure 8 Defensive Drill In Depth. When he says in-depth, he means the targets are going to be scattered and not all in one plane. This is going to help you work on your balance of speed and precision taking into account not only different types of targets, the predictability…

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  • Multiple Target Engagement

    Rob Pincus demonstrates a multiple target defensive drill that we can run that is going to realistically reflect what we're probably going to have to deal with if we ever were attacked by multiple threats and had to respond with a defensive firearm or some other type of defensive action.

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  • Defensive Skill Development Principles and First Drills

    Demonstration of the most important personal self defense training drills. Rob Pincus concentrates not just on shooting skills but also reloads, malfunction drills and multiple targets. Learn different ways to use a common, simple range setup for your training drills. Understanding the best way to spend a day at the range is very important. Everyone’s…

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  • Personal Defense Readiness Background

    Pincus interviews Tony Blauer from Blauer Tactical Systems USA. Blauer is founder of the S.P.E.A.R. system and the Personal Defense Readiness program. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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  • Target Variations Skill Development

    Target Variations Skill Development drill primarily deals with the change of target distance. Whenever we are doing a balance of speed and precision drill we always want to identify which of the four factors that we are changing.

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  • Reality-Based Training in Context

    Reality based training is a phrase that is used far too often in the training industry. Too many things that seem like they might be realistic, probably do not fit the text of many people interested in self defense.

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  • Adjusting the Comb of Your Rifle Stock

    As I sat down on this rifle, I realized that I had to hold my head up to get my eye to the center of the scope. There are several ways to take care of that problem.

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