• 3:28

    When To Stop Shooting

    In the world of armed defense, there’s a lot of talk about when to stop shooting. Before we talk about that, remember we only shoot to stop the threat. We shoot as long as we need to, from moral and legal perspectives as well as an efficiency in training standpoint. We want to apply only…

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  • 3:57

    Conflict Avoidance During Civil Unrest

    What is your responsibility to avoid conflict or de-escalate existing conflict, especially in times of civil unrest or civil anxiety? Rob Pincus addresses this topic with his usual clear-thinking approach. Especially in the United States but also worldwide, we have had a lot of turmoil this year. This has included civil unrest over social issues…

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  • 3:45

    Resetting a Threat’s OODA Loop

    Rob answers a question he got recently about resetting a threat’s OODA Loop. This is a decision-making loop that’s been used inside the defensive community to talk about not only the things we defenders do, but also what the bad guy is doing while trying to hurt us. UNDERSTANDING THE OODA LOOP OODA stands for…

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  • 5:02

    Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter

    Rob is on the range with a .308 Revolution pistol from POF-USA equipped with a Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter. Here, this accessory has been turned into a folding brace adapter because on this pistol, which is not a short-barreled rifle, it’s a brace, not a stock. The good news is that the Law Tactical…

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  • 12:19

    Ace of Diamonds Shooting Drill

    Statistics say you have a greater than 50% chance of facing multiple attackers in a defensive situation, and that’s what the Ace of Diamonds Drill trains for. Join Todd Fossey of Integrative Defense Strategies for another long-play video lesson, this one featuring overhead birds-eye videography that gives a clear view of one of our favorite…

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  • 13:24

    Out-of-the-Holster Weapon Retention

    A bad guy will most commonly try to take your weapon when it’s in your hand, not when it’s in your holster, and when you are in close proximity to him. This holds true whether you are military, law enforcement, private security, or an armed citizen. In this extended video, Todd Fossey of Integrative Defense…

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  • 17:53

    Disarm From Behind

    Todd Fossey of Integrative Defense Strategies presents an in-depth video lesson. How can you disarm a bad guy who is attempting an armed robbery from behind, even if he’s sticking a gun in your back? WHEN TO DISARM AN ATTACKER Todd believes that going for the disarm is appropriate only when you have no other…

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  • 1:06

    Holosun HS507K Red-Dot Sight – SPONSORED

    Rob Pincus introduces the Holosun HS507K red-dot sight. Holosun red-dot sights are some of Rob’s favorites due to their ruggedness, durability, clarity, battery life, and value for money. They have proven themselves on the pistols of students and instructors on the 2018 and 2019 PDN Training Tours. SPECS The Holosun HS507K is specifically designed for…

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  • 1:04

    Holosun HE509T Red Dot Optic Sight – SPONSORED

    Let’s take a look at the new Holosun HE509T, a rugged titanium-housed closed-reticle red-dot sight designed for competition and defensive pistols. HE509T DETAILS The Holosun HE509T has a proprietary mount and a side-access battery tray, which means you don’t have to take the unit out of the mount to change the battery. The battery life…

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