• 13:40

    Draw Prevent

    In this extended video, Todd Fossey of Integrative Defense Strategies (IDS) teaches what he calls Draw Prevent — preventing an attacker from drawing a firearm from the holster. The lesson integrates hands-free skills with firearms skills. In this video, the attacker is drawing from the right-hand side at about the 3 o’clock position, though the…

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  • 3:23

    H&H H-Bandage

    Any self-defense tools you may use in a life-saving incident should be tested before you need them. But in the case of a compression dressing, once you open it to try or even just look at it, it’s no longer sterile. One answer is to buy two and open one to practice with. But in…

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  • 2:04

    Tactical Shooting Drill with Red Stitch Hexstar Target

    To get the most value from shooting steel targets, modify your steel target training or practice session so it applies to a defensive encounter. PDN Contributors Deryck Poole of Echo-5 Training Group and Don Edwards of Greenline Tactical demonstrate with a Red Stitch Targets Hexstar. SHOOTING STEEL TARGETS They’ve modified the target plates by adding…

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  • 1:03

    Red Stitch Reactive Steel Targets

    Rob Pincus is on the range with his workhorse rifle, the POF-USA Renegade+ in 5.56mm equipped with a Holosun red-dot sight, and he’s testing the Red Stitch Targets Double Swinger Target. RED STITCH DOUBLE SWINGER Red Stitch Targets specializes in the design and manufacture of rifle- and pistol-rated steel targets for military, law enforcement, and…

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  • 4:05

    Alpha Foxtrot Glock Frame

    Rob Pincus explains the features of the Alpha Foxtrot AF-C Glock 19 Gen 3 compatible aluminum frame. It’s a 7075 T6 forged aluminum frame and is made in the USA. This frame replacement will upgrade your Glock shooting experience with lots of extra features. ERGONOMICS Rob likes the ergonomics of the Alpha Foxtrot AF-C. It…

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  • 3:44

    Vang Comp 20-Gauge Shotgun for Home Defense

    Rob Pincus has a Vang Comp customized Remington 870 in 20-gauge as one of his home-defense shotguns. He explains why he recommends this setup. WHY 20-GAUGE? Why does Rob recommend 20-gauge instead of 12-gauge for home-defense shotguns? If you choose a shotgun as one of your home-defense weapons, you’re putting yourself into a low-capacity, heavy-recoil…

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  • 3:32

    The Back and Forth Drill

    The Back and Forth Drill adds movement to your shooting drills, gives you different perspectives on the target, and gives you more to think about than if you were standing still while firing. Let’s see how it works. BACK AND FORTH DRILL Rob Pincus designed the Back and Forth Drill to add movement to your…

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  • 2:54

    20-Gauge Shotgun Loads: Slug vs Buckshot

    The “buckshot vs slug” question has often been discussed in terms of 12-gauge loads, but in this video, Rob Pincus uses 20-gauge shotgun loads because there aren’t as many specialty loads with controlled expansion or controlled spread of the buckshot. Also the buckshot that is commonly available in 20 gauge isn’t as heavy of an…

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  • 2:59

    Short Grip, Longer Slide for Concealed Carry

    Over the years, Rob Pincus has done a lot of shooting with handguns that have a short grip and a longer slide. He explains why this is his preferred configuration for concealed carry. ADVANTAGES OF A SHORT GRIP For anyone who carries a handgun centerline (in front of the body, also known as appendix carry),…

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