• 4:15

    CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band

    Glen Stilson of Independence Training joins PDN’s Rob Pincus to discuss transitioning from IWB carry to off-body carry or storing a firearm in a quick-access safe or other secure location. What’s the safest way to do it? EVERYDAY CARRY As Rob points out, concealed carry all day is often feasible, but if you have to…

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  • 2:42

    Lubricating Your AR-15

    Don Edwards of Green Line Tactical demonstrates his rifle lubrication method. It’s quick and easy to keep your AR-15 running smoothly on the range … and anywhere you might need it. WHAT TYPE OF OIL? The inside of a rifle gets extremely hot when fired repeatedly, and a lot of carbon is blowing in there,…

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  • 2:36

    Lucas Oil Gun Products

    Lucas Oil is known for its automotive products but also has an outdoor line that features products for firearms maintenance and lubrication, including Extreme Duty Gun Oil, CLP, and Bore Solvent & Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner. How did they perform in PDN’s testing? LUCAS OIL GUN PRODUCTS Chuck Usina, Director of Range Operations at Ancient City…

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  • 2:12

    CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster

    If you’re considering appendix inside-the-waistband carry of your defensive handgun, Rob Pincus highly recommends the CrossBreed Holsters Appendix Carry Holster. He explains why. CROSSBREED APPENDIX CARRY HOLSTER Everyday concealed carry of a defensive firearm needs to be comfortable or you won’t do it consistently. This holster has the comfort factor perfected. Rob has been using…

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  • 4:40

    Make an Appendix-Carry Holster More Comfortable and Concealable

    It’s DIY time with PDN Contributor Deryck Poole, who shows how to easily and economically make an inside-the-waistband holster more comfortable and concealable. FOAM PADDING FOR IWB HOLSTERS Some holster makers include this on their handgun holsters: foam padding on the part of the holster that faces the body, down near the muzzle. Over time,…

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  • 2:33

    Holosun HS503R

    The “R” on the new Holosun HS503R red-dot sight stands for rotary. It has a rotary adjustment for the brightness of the reticle and it also allows you to change the reticle from a dot to a circle dot. Let’s take a closer look. HS503R SERIES The Holosun HS503R is part of a new series…

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  • 3:59

    Attaching a Sling to an AR

    Viewers have been asking, “How do I actually connect a sling to my rifle?” PDN Contributor Deryck Poole demonstrates some options for attaching single- and two-point slings to ARs. SINGLE- OR TWO-POINT SLING? In response to a previous PDN video called AR Rifle Slings: Single or Two Point? Deryck presents a few examples of what…

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  • 13:35

    Extended Magazines as Spares for Compact Handguns

    Rob Pincus explains the advantages of carrying extended magazines or longer full-size magazines as spares when carrying a compact or subcompact gun. It’s not just the extra rounds, but also the gun handling aspects of a larger magazine. WHAT’S YOUR CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUN? If you carry a subcompact gun or a gun with a chopped…

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  • 2:39

    Eye Dominance and Shooting

    Recently PDN has been receiving questions and comments about eye dominance as it relates to shooting a handgun and a long gun. Let’s clear up some misconceptions. HANDGUN Deryck Poole, a PDN contributor and co-host of PDN Training Talk, says it does not matter which eye is dominant or if you have cross-eye dominance (the…

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