• 1:36

    Bersa Thunder .380

    The Bersa Thunder .380 has been around in one version or another for a long time and it’s a great value option if you’re looking for a concealed-carry .380 that has the flexibility of a double-action/single-action gun and the longevity of the Bersa name behind it. An older version of the Bersa Thunder .380 was…

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  • 8:15

    Part 2: Dry Fire Training Drills Off the Range

    The objective with dry-fire training is to do it in short increments throughout the day. Distributed learning works orders of magnitude better for motor neuron learning than block learning. Mike Hughes of Next Level Training shows how he grabs short blocks of time while at work or at home and does his dry-fire practice. Safety…

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  • Recognition Drills for Carrying Multiple Guns

    Part 4: Recognition Drills for Carrying Multiple Guns

    If you carry more than one type of gun for personal defense or keep more than one type of firearm staged around your home, training to recognize which gun is in your hand is important. This drill gives you a way to safely train to recognize which gun is in your hand at any given…

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  • 44:42

    The Concealed Carry Lifestyle

    This 45-minute video presentation of the “Concealed Carry Lifestyle” seminar is presented by Klint Macro and is based on his article A Citizen’s First Responder Infrastructure, which was originally published here on the Personal Defense Network. Topics covered in this presentation are: 1. Understanding Personal Safety Concepts 2. Developing a Personal Protection Plan 3. Understand…

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  • 5:08

    Springfield Armory XD-E vs. XD-S

    Two Springfield Armory 9mm single-stack defensive pistols are on the firing line: It’s the Springfield XD-E vs. XD-S, both with 3.3-inch barrels. Rob Pincus presents their features and handling characteristics. Springfield XD-E The XD-E is a double-action/single-action gun with a manually operated external safety. Why would a shooter want this as opposed to a modern…

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  • 2:31

    CCW Training with Law Enforcement Instructors

    For concealed carry permit holders, what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking firearms training from a law enforcement officer? And what should law enforcement officers know before training private citizens? Jeff Mullenmeister of Minnesota Firearms Training Academy has been a law enforcement officer for 18 years and a firearms trainer for 15 of those…

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  • 3:00

    Springfield Armory 1911 EMP 4” Lightweight Champion

    PDN viewers may know that Rob Pincus is not an advocate of the 1911-type firearm for concealed carry, but plenty of people are. If you insist on carrying a 1911-type firearm, the one Rob recommends is the Springfield Armory EMP 4” Lightweight Champion. It’s an evolved gun over the original EMP, which was itself an…

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  • 6:51

    Springfield Armory XDS 3.3″ Tactical Gray

    The Springfield Armory XD-S Single Stack is available in a 3.3-inch length that is even better for concealed carry than the 4-inch model. And it comes in the attractive Tactical Gray color. If you like the XD-S, you’ll like this 3.3-inch model too. Springfield touts it as having the most available capacity in the most…

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  • 1:32

    Bersa BP9 Concealed Carry – SPONSORED

    The Bersa BP Concealed Carry series of defensive handguns is a great value way to enter the concealed-carry market. If you’re just getting started with concealed carry and are looking for an efficient, reliable gun at a fair price, the Bersa BP Concealed Carry series may be exactly what you want. Bersa BP9CC We’re out…

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