• Appendix Carry Holster for Women

    Appendix Carry Holster for Women

    Belly Band Holsters can be perfect for women who prefer not to wear belts or who spend a lot of time wearing clothing that does not include a belt. Similarly, carrying in the appendix position is a great way to conceal a defensive firearm without having to accommodate the shape of a woman’s hips or…

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  • Ankle Holster Concealed Carry Option

    Ankle Holster Concealed Carry Option

    Ankle Holsters offer one unique advantage for defensive firearms carry, as they place your defensive tool in a location that most people do not think to look. Danny Pieratti prefers ankle carry and demonstrates proper presentation from that position in this video.

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  • Carrying Non-Lethal Force Options

    Carrying Non-Lethal Force Options

    Rob Pincus discusses carrying optional defensive tools along with your firearm. This practice has been strongly advocated by several instructors, including PDN Contributor Claude Werner, in order to allow you to defend yourself without having to

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  • CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster

    CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster

    Rob Pincus is already a known fan of CrossBreed Holsters, so he’s excited to present the new CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster. First Rob explains why he prefers appendix carry. Then he shows the new holster, which blends leather and Kydex.

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  • Appropriate Open Carry of a Defensive Firearm

    Appropriate Open Carry of a Defensive Firearm

    In almost all circumstances, people are better off carrying defensive firearms in a concealed manner. Carrying a firearm in order to create confrontation or make a political statement is something very different from carrying for personal defense.

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  • Empty Chamber Carry

    Empty Chamber Carry

    Rob Pincus discusses why it is important to carry your firearm responsibly, with the trigger area covered by a quality holster and a round chambered, prepared for defensive use.

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  • Pocket Holsters

    Pocket Holsters

    Rob Pincus discusses why you might want to use a pocket holster, what to look for when you are choosing one and how to use one with a compact defensive firearm.

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  • Weak-Handed Presentation From Appendix Carry

    Weak-Handed Presentation From Appendix Carry

    One of the advantages of the “appendix carry” position is that you can draw your defensive firearm with either hand.

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  • Criminal Assault Paradigm

    Criminal Assault Paradigm

    Criminals aren’t fair fighters. Their nature as lawbreakers guarantees that they will tip the balance so that they make it as uneven for their victim as possible.

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