• 1:18

    Top 3 Tips for New Defensive Shooters

    If you’re new to defensive shooting, welcome to the Personal Defense Network! Our Executive Director Rob Pincus offers three really important tips for beginning shooters who want to learn to protect themselves and the people they care about. 1. Get a Gun That Fits Your Hand There is nothing more difficult to overcome than a…

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  • 1:35

    National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Plus One Movement

    The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Plus One Movement is all about growing the sport within the entire shooting community. It’s easy and rewarding to become involved. Taking People Out to the Range You can take someone to the range for the first time with the expectation that they’re going to develop their self-defense shooting ability…

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  • 2:43

    Shooting Stance Doesn’t Matter

    When it comes to defensive shooting, your shooting stance doesn’t matter. It’s important to understand why that is true. But it also does matter that you do not make your shooting stance matter when you are training and practicing. Confused yet? Let Rob Pincus explain. Defensive Shooting Stances At the moment you need to defend…

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  • 5:03

    Shooting and Moving

    Students often ask Rob Pincus about shooting and moving. Rob clarifies that he teaches shooting, and he teaches moving, but he rarely teaches shooting while moving. He does teach — and has made a PDN video about — shooting while in motion at extreme close-quarters, but in this video, he talks about shooting beyond two…

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  • 2:39

    Realistic Training on an Indoor Range

    How can you make the most out of realistic shooting training opportunities within the confined space of a traditional indoor range? Rob Pincus explains that using a complex target, thinking about the context of the training you can do inside the limited space of an indoor range, and generally being creative are the ways to…

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  • 4:28

    Benefits of Wearing an OWB Holster for Training

    Whenever you’re out on the range training with your defensive carry gun, it’s important that you use the same mechanics and the same body motions as you would if you were actually defending yourself. Mechanics It has a lot to do with the gun you’re using but also with the holster you’re using, especially when…

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  • 2:41

    SIRT Pocket Training Pistol

    PDN viewers are familiar with the SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) Training Pistol, but did you know a subcompact model is now available? Mike Hughes of Next Level Training tells us more about the SIRT PP Training Pistol. SIRT Pocket Pistol Model If your everyday carry pistol is a subcompact, the SIRT PP Training Pistol…

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  • 7:08

    Worlds Collide: Shooting a Competition Stage

    It’s shoot-off time as Rob Leatham and Rob Pincus shoot a competition stage with three positions: one target around a wall, two paper targets that have to be shot through a window, and seven steel targets. The handguns of choice are 1911s. Both complete the stage, which includes having to do a reload, and score…

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  • 3:32

    Worlds Collide: Shooting Drills Without a Timer

    Rob Pincus and Rob Leatham are on the range debating what a valid measurement is when conducting shooting drills. What do measurements prove? Timerless Shooting Drill Rob Leatham has set up a drill with two rows of steel targets. The second row is invisible until the first row has been knocked down. In an unusual…

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