• 3:52

    Worlds Collide: Chasing the Timer

    What happens when the timer comes out while shooting drills? Increased pressure for the shooter. In this video, competition shooter Rob Leatham holds the timer while defensive shooting instructor Rob Pincus does the shooting. Their goal is to examine what that added time pressure results in. The Bill Drill One of the best-known handgun shooting…

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  • 2:18

    Worlds Collide: Relevance of Drill Results

    In a previous Worlds Collide video, competitive shooter Rob Leatham set up a competition transitioning drill and he and defensive shooting instructor Rob Pincus shot it for time. The result was that Rob L shot the drill in 3.3 seconds and Rob P shot it in 5.05 seconds. That’s a difference of 1.75 seconds. In…

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  • 3:15

    Worlds Collide: Aiming vs. Sighting (Part 2 of 2)

    Competitive shooter Rob Leatham leads off the discussion of aiming a handgun vs sighting. If the shooter is very close, it’s an easy shot. He’s not going to aim. He’s going to point the gun and pull the trigger as fast as possible, check where the hits are, and move on. Defensive shooting instructor Rob…

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  • 4:41

    Worlds Collide: Does Barrel Length Matter? (Part 1 of 2)

    For viewers who’ve been craving a true Worlds Collide between the contrasting viewpoints of competition shooter Rob Leatham and defensive shooting instructor Rob Pincus, here it is. Though they do start out in agreement: whether for competition, handgun training, or defensive shooting, an extra inch of barrel and slide on a handgun matters and is…

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  • 3:15

    Worlds Collide: Competitive vs Defensive Skill Sets

    Shooting skill sets: Which ones matter only in competition shooting, and which ones matter only in defensive shooting? And where is the overlap? Rob Leatham and Rob Pincus discuss the differences and similarities. Competition Competitive shooting is all about the score, so the most important thing is the points on the target. Accuracy is only…

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  • Natural Point of Aim

    Worlds Collide: Natural Point of Aim

    Champion competition shooter Rob Leatham and defensive shooting instructor Rob Pincus talk about the concept of natural point of aim and if there is such a thing as “correct” positioning of the feet while drawing and firing. Natural Point of Aim One of Rob Leatham’s pet peeves is natural point of aim. As Rob explains,…

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  • 3:35

    Most Important Unorthodox Shooting Positions

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the three most important unorthodox shooting positions you should train for defensive use of a handgun. The first is specific to a handgun and the second two may also be used with a rifle. Seated After you learn how to shoot in a natural, neutral standing position, think about how much time…

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  • 1:57

    Angelfire Remanufactured Training Ammo – SPONSORED

    Training resources are always limited, and one of the most important limitations many people have to deal with is their training budget. Angelfire Ammunition is giving you the opportunity to get remanufactured high-quality ammunition at a very fair price. Proven Track Record As a sponsor of the 2017 PDN Training Tour, Angelfire Ammunition provided a…

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  • 3:39

    Avidity Arms PD10 9mm Handgun – SPONSORED

    The Avidity Arms PD10 9mm handgun is the first firearm Rob Pincus has designed, and in this video he has a production spec PD10. It’s a single-stack, striker-fired, 9mm 11-round gun. His goals were to design a defensive handgun that would be as shootable as possible for as many people as possible, that would be…

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