• Presenting and Shooting From A Chair in 360 Degrees

    Part 5. Presenting and Shooting From A Chair in 360 Degrees

    Learning to present your firearm in 360 degrees around your body from a seated position could be a vital lifesaving skill, but it must be done safely. Rob Pincus teaches you the best methods for presenting as efficiently as possible without covering yourself with your own gun. SEE OTHER VIDEOS IN OUR ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE…

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  • Clear, Control, Counter in an Armed Environment

    Clear, Control, Counter in an Armed Environment

    Rob Pincus teaches the 3 Cs: Clear, Control, Counter when an attacker draws a weapon in a close-quarters armed confrontation. Clearing before you counter your enemy means that you clear the weapon or yourself from the space prior to counter-attacking, and it is an important skill to utilize. If you don’t do this, you risk…

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  • Versatile Magazine Pouch

    Versatile Magazine Pouch

    Instead of collecting multiple magazine pouches, consider buying a versatile pouch that you can use to easily fit various types of magazines.

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  • Myths of Retention Shooting

    Myths of Retention Shooting

    Rob Pincus disproves a few of the common retention shooting myths that are regularly taught in handgun training courses.

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  • Why Context is an Important Part of Your Training

    Why Context is an Important Part of Your Training

    Rob Pincus discusses why training a skill in context is vital for being prepared for the real thing. It’s easy to feel overconfident about your shooting after you hit a target dead center from 100 yards while standing still, and this confidence doesn’t do you any good when you are faced with a live, dangerous…

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  • Creating Behavioral Cover

    Creating Behavioral Cover

    Behavioral cover, although not often trained, is a tactic that may just save your life in a last-ditch survival improvisation. Rob Pincus explains how simply raising an object to your face, be it your hand, a book or a briefcase, can be enough to delay your enemy’s shot.

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  • Mugging Money

    Mugging Money

    Ask anyone who has ever been on the wrong side of a mugging how they responded. Chances are they did the smart thing and gave the mugger everything they had.

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  • Limp Wrist' or Unsupported Platform Failures

    Limp Wrist or Unsupported Platform Failures

    Rob Pincus discusses what may be a bit of a sore spot for some defensive shooters: unsupported platform failures, and in particular, what is referred to as a “limp wrist’” failure. This might have happened to you or someone you know, so you should know how to avoid it. Failures occur when you don’t drive…

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  • Ohai Modular Holster

    Ohai Modular Holster

    Rob Pincus reviews the benefits of owning and using the Ohai movable puck-type holster.

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