• 2:24

    Grand Power Q100/Q1S – SPONSORED

    The Q100 is the striker-fired evolution of the rotating-barrel Grand Power handgun. Q100 guns are becoming popular in the U.S. because they’re getting a reputation for being great shooters, incredibly reliable, and very durable. The Grand Power Q100 is a 15-round 9mm handgun. It ships with two magazines and four interchangeable, easy-to-remove hand grips to…

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  • 2:04

    Bersa Thunder Pro TPR .40 S&W Compact – SPONSORED

    The Thunder Pro series of guns from Bersa has been very popular and in fact is the handgun used by the Argentinian Police. Rob Pincus is out on the range with the redesign of the Thunder Pro — it’s designated the Bersa Thunder Pro TPR and Rob has the .40-caliber compact version. Features of the…

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  • 4:30

    Fixes for Shooting Low and to the Weak Side

    When practicing shooting drills, people may shoot low and to their weak side. In the majority of the population, that means low and to the left. There are two primary reasons this happens. Rob Pincus has observed thousands of shooters over his decades as a defensive firearms instructor, and shows how to fix these low…

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  • 8:27

    Position SUL

    More people are using Position SUL as a default ready position, though Rob Pincus sees it as a specialty version of the high compressed ready position. He explains why by demonstrating both positions. If you’re not familiar with the high compressed ready position for handgun training, practice and defensive use, Rob gives a good, clear…

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  • 3:43

    Metro Arms Mac American Classic II .45 ACP 1911 SPONSORED

    If you’re looking for a classic style, fully featured, really smooth, great-shooting 1911, the American Classic II 1911 in .45 ACP from Metro Arms is an excellent choice. Rob Pincus presents the features of the American Classic II: front and rear serrations, great feeling grip, oversized grip safety, skeletonized hammer and trigger. It has a…

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  • 2:26

    Metro Arms MAC American Classic 1911 SPONSORED

    The Metro Arms MAC American Classic 1911 is the heart of the Metro Arms line, which starts with the American Classic line and the Llama line. With the American Classic line, you get a great value on a full-featured 1911. They retail for half the price of some more well-known brands. Learn more about the…

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  • 5:02

    Racking the Slide on a Handgun

    Using two different-sized handguns — a full size and a compact — for demonstration, Mandy Autrey of Gunlady Defensive Firearms Training shows an efficient and effective method for racking the slide on a handgun. Improper Techniques Many people come to Mandy and say they don’t have the hand strength to rack the slide. The reason…

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  • 1:48

    Llama Max-1 1911 .45 ACP – SPONSORED

    If you’re a fan or a follower of the 1911, you’re familiar with the name Llama and the Llama 1911 .45. Now Llama is back on the market. We examine the Max-1 1911 in .45 ACP from Llama. Features This Llama 1911 .45 is a standard-configuration 1911 with matte-blue finish in .45 ACP. If you’re…

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  • 2:20

    Grand Power P40 10mm SPONSORED

    Even though .40 caliber and 10mm are the same diameter, the 10mm cartridge is far more powerful, and it’s making a big comeback here in the U.S. Grand Power has responded to that by offering their P40 in 10mm. The Grand Power P40 10mm is a 14+1 round handgun with rotating barrel and exposed hammer.…

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