• 5:02

    Racking the Slide on a Handgun

    Using two different-sized handguns — a full size and a compact — for demonstration, Mandy Autrey of Gunlady Defensive Firearms Training shows an efficient and effective method for racking the slide on a handgun. Improper Techniques Many people come to Mandy and say they don’t have the hand strength to rack the slide. The reason…

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  • 1:48

    Llama Max-1 1911 .45 ACP – SPONSORED

    If you’re a fan or a follower of the 1911, you’re familiar with the name Llama and the Llama 1911 .45. Now Llama is back on the market. We examine the Max-1 1911 in .45 ACP from Llama. Features This Llama 1911 .45 is a standard-configuration 1911 with matte-blue finish in .45 ACP. If you’re…

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  • 2:20

    Grand Power P40 10mm SPONSORED

    Even though .40 caliber and 10mm are the same diameter, the 10mm cartridge is far more powerful, and it’s making a big comeback here in the U.S. Grand Power has responded to that by offering their P40 in 10mm. The Grand Power P40 10mm is a 14+1 round handgun with rotating barrel and exposed hammer.…

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  • Separating Live Fire and Dry Fire Training for Safety

    Part 1: Separating Live Fire and Dry Fire Training for Safety

    Rob Pincus talks about the necessity of separating your live fire training from dry fire training to avoid a tragic accident. When people switch back and forth between the two without a specific procedure, they run an unreasonable risk of pulling the trigger on a live gun when they did not intend to. See other…

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  • Introduction to Fit-Shot Concept

    Part 1: Introduction to Fit-Shot Concept

    Rob Pincus discusses a training implementation called FitShot, which combines the exhausting workouts of functional fitness with shooting practice.

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  • The Flow Drill Firearm Assessment

    Part 2: The Flow Drill Firearm Assessment

    In the Combat Focus Shooting Advanced Pistol Handling Course, the Flow Drill is used as a firearm assessment tool to see how students put together the skills they have learned in isolation. Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy presents this drill, which requires students to move back and forth among unorthodox shooting positions while still…

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  • Fundamental FitShot Exercise: Push-Up Technique

    Part 3: Fundamental FitShot Exercise: Push-Up Technique

    FitShot™ is a program designed to promote fitness in the shooting community. FitShot™ exercises are not meant to be “defensive shooting training.” The push-up can be done slowly or quickly, and with the feet or knees on the ground. After the push-up is completed, a shot is taken, then the process repeated.

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  • shooting drills

    Part 3: The Hidden Number Shooting Drill

    This shooting drill forces the shooter to do a little bit of reading, process some information, and then fire a certain number of shots. It’s called the Hidden Number Drill and can be done several different ways. One of the easiest ways to do it is to have your training partner write a number inside…

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  • Dry Fire Presentation from your Holster & Reloads

    Part 3: Dry Fire Presentation from Your Holster & Reloads

    Mike Hughes of Next Level Training demonstrates drawing from the holster or appendix carry. Instead of using a lot of power from the hips and core, he leads with the fingertips, minimizing unnecessary movement from the shoulders and neck and employing a relaxed, natural method of drawing. The draw should be practiced static, with movement,…

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