• Dry Fire Presentation from your Holster & Reloads

    Part 3: Dry Fire Presentation from Your Holster & Reloads

    Mike Hughes of Next Level Training demonstrates drawing from the holster or appendix carry. Instead of using a lot of power from the hips and core, he leads with the fingertips, minimizing unnecessary movement from the shoulders and neck and employing a relaxed, natural method of drawing. The draw should be practiced static, with movement,…

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  • Recognition Drills for Carrying Multiple Guns

    Part 4: Recognition Drills for Carrying Multiple Guns

    If you carry more than one type of gun for personal defense or keep more than one type of firearm staged around your home, training to recognize which gun is in your hand is important. This drill gives you a way to safely train to recognize which gun is in your hand at any given…

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  • 6:29

    Part 5: Dynamic Deviation Control in Defensive Shooting

    Dynamic deviation control means not holding the gun totally still but holding it still enough and pressing the trigger as smoothly and rapidly as possible to get the hit you need. Holding the Gun Still Many traditional target shooting and marksmanship principles are designed to help you hold the gun as still as possible throughout…

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  • Improvised Laser Training

    Part 5: Improvised Laser Training

    Rob Pincus discusses the opportunity you have to train with a laser device with nothing more than improvised targets and some creativity when you can’t get to the range or find ammunition. “Training” doesn’t always have to mean live-fire “shooting.”

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  • 3:05

    Grand Power K100 – SPONSORED

    The Grand Power K100 is made in Slovakia and imported by Eagle Imports. It’s a great-shooting gun with a short, crisp trigger that’s easy to shoot. With its choice of four grips, the K100 fits the hand really well. Features It’s a double-action/single-action gun with a frame-mounted safety decocker that allows you to shoot the…

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  • 4:21

    Shooting at Unreasonable Distances

    Training at 50 yards or greater distances with your defensive carry handgun — or thinking you’re going to end a fight this way — is unreasonable. But if you ever need to, it’s important to know what your capabilities are and what’s the best way to achieve the results you’ll need. Long-Distance Shooting When and…

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  • 3:54

    Two-Person Armed Defense

    Two-person armed defense as a concept is very different from coordinated team tactics such as a SWAT team or military personnel acting in unison to clear a building or take over a compound. Two-person armed defense is the idea that you need to be prepared to coordinate with your family, friends, or even strangers who…

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  • 3:23

    Dynamic Deviation Control Drill

    In this shooting tips video, Rob Pincus demonstrates the dynamic deviation control drill and the important lessons it teaches to defensive shooters. Dynamic deviation control means that when shooting while you, the target, or both are moving, your sight alignment and sight picture won’t be perfect. And that’s ok. Moving the Gun Rob teaches this…

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  • 1:58

    Defensive One-Handed Shooting While Seated

    If you need to shoot one-handed while seated, there is a lot of carry-over and correlation between the things you don’t want to do when shooting one-handed while standing. Rob Pincus shows two basic tendencies he has observed in relation to body positioning. The first thing he has noted from students doing shooting drills is…

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