• 4:57

    What’s in Your Tactical Walls Common Area? – SPONSORED

    The Tactical Walls RFID unit that you place in an entryway or common area in your home will probably not contain the same items that the unit in a more secure area such as a barricade room will contain. If you take your preparation for armed home defense seriously, you already understand the importance of…

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  • 5:21

    .22 WMR for Home Defense

    Is the .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire) a viable defensive round? Rob Pincus does ballistic gelatin testing to bolster his contention that this lightweight, familiar, and easy-to-use rifle should not be ruled out as a family choice for home defense. .22 WMR for Defensive Use What are some of the advantages of a .22 WMR…

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  • 3:57

    Ballistic Testing of 5.56 Round Fired From SBR

    Over the years, a lot of questions have been asked and a lot of theories have been offered about the performance of 5.56mm defensive ammunition out of a short-barreled AR pistol or rifle (SBR). People reference data and research that’s been done in the past to try to determine if an SBR is a viable…

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  • 2:09

    Rail-Mounted Instant-on Light for Home-Defense Rifles

    Most people have at least a rail-mounted light on their home-defense long guns, and perhaps also a laser aiming device. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus likes to use the Viridian C5 or C5L light and laser combos, with their instant-on technology. The Less Efficient Way Rob planned on using the ambidextrous switch when deploying his…

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  • 3:28

    Suppressed Muzzle Blasts in Close Quarters

    The primary advantage of having a sound suppressor on a home-defense firearm is reduced sound signature. A suppressed firearm eliminates the need for hearing protection, though during a critical incident, hearing protection is not a priority. Rob Pincus demonstrates another advantage of having a suppressor on your home-defense firearm: reduced muzzle blast. Silencer or Suppressor?…

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  • 2:45

    Home Defense Tactics to Protect Your Family

    Ken Crawford of Reno Guns & Range discusses an important home defense concept: how to move through your home with a handgun without endangering your family. Bump in the Night Whether you hear the proverbial bump in the night or for any reason believe you need to get your handgun because a lethal threat may…

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  • 3:56

    Springfield Armory: Shooting a Suppressed Handgun

    U.S. laws don’t support easy access to suppressed firearms for private citizens, so perhaps you have not experienced the advantages of firing a suppressed gun. Learn more about them from Rob Pincus, who’s on the range with a Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 4” Service Model with Threaded Barrel for a suppressor. It also has suppressor-height…

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  • 4:33

    Home Defense Drills With Laser Ammo

    Rob Pincus uses the Interactive Multi-Target Training System from Laser Ammo for a home-defense simulation. How can you get the most out of your home-defense tactics training with this system? The Home-Defense Scenario Rob is the homeowner investigating a suspicious noise. Two targets have been positioned around the home; target activated, they respond when shot.…

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  • 1:33

    Staging an Emergency Cell Phone

    In all our fundamentals of home defense tactics, we talk about communicating with 911, calling emergency services, and letting law enforcement know something bad is happening in our home. Home Invasion Scenario If you’re barricaded in your staging area with your family — and whether you have a firearm or not — calling 911 is…

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