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    Taking the Family to the Range

    Rob Pincus encourages you to take your family to the range, whether they are shooters or not. And it’s not just about turning them into shooters, though that would be a great benefit. The Status Quo Some of you have already taken your family to the range and perhaps have family members who are shooters.…

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  • Tactical Walls

    Tactical Walls Picture

    Tactical Walls clandestine storage units are actually staging units for defensive guns: they’re not intended just for firearm storage but are designed to offer quick access to a defensive firearm when you need it most. Tactical Walls Picture To any observer, the Tactical Walls Picture is just a large framed painting. It doesn’t scream “gun…

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  • Tactical Walls Shelf

    Tactical Walls Shelf

    When it comes to protecting what you love, parents will say their children are priority number one. That’s why Rob Pincus has talked about staging a defensive firearm in your child’s room. How exactly does he propose to do this? Tactical Walls Shelf He is not talking about sticking a loaded gun in a corner…

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  • Shotgun vs. Rifle

    Shotgun vs. Rifle: What’s Better for Home Defense?

    PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus answers a question he’s asked a lot. Shotgun vs. rifle: what’s better for home defense? He has a definite preference and explains his reasoning. Then on site at the Bristlecone Shooting, Training and Retail Center in Denver, Colorado, Rob gives a live-fire demonstration with both weapons. Semi-Auto Rifle His personal…

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  • What’s Better for Home Defense: Rifle or Handgun?

    What’s Better for Home Defense: Rifle or Handgun?

    Should you use a rifle or handgun for home defense? PDN Contributor and Owner of Bearco Training in Covington, Louisiana, Barret Kendrick explains why it’s best to keep, train and practice with both a handgun and a rifle or shotgun. Rifle for Home Defense Barret is carrying a shorter rifle, which works very well from…

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  • Best Home Defense Rifle

    What is the Best Home Defense Rifle?

    What is the best home defense rifle? If you’re asking that question, chances are you already own a rifle or have one in mind to buy. Rob Pincus talks about some of the common types of rifles you may already own that may not be as good for self defense or home defense situations, and…

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  • Birdshot for Home Defense

    Birdshot for Home Defense

    Rob Pincus is on an indoor range at the Bristlecone Shooting, Training and Retail Center to talk about birdshot for home defense. When it comes to home-defense shotguns, one of the most commonly asked questions is, what about birdshot for home defense? There are many purpose-designed rounds to go into a shotgun, especially a 12…

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  • Stolen Firearm

    What to do if You have a Lost or Stolen Firearm

    What should you do if your gun is stolen? This is a question that responsible firearms owners ask, as well as those who are anti-gun or neutral but curious on the issue of guns. By the very nature of its theft, a stolen firearm is now in the wrong hands — it’s in the hands…

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  • pistol reload drill

    Pistol Reload Drill

    On an indoor set resembling the living room of a home, PDN Contributor Claude Werner presents a pistol reload drill using dry fire. In the real world, our initiator for a reload would be a recognition that the pistol is empty, such as feeling it or seeing the slide lock back. We don’t have a…

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