• 4:15

    Safe Rooms in Houses

    Tim Surprenant, President of Tasco Security, Inc, discusses the features of safe rooms in houses. Alarm systems provide you with response time, notification from when the alarm goes off to the time that law enforcement responds. It’s important for you and your loved ones to be safe from the time you hear the alarm until…

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  • 2:11

    High Compressed Ready Position

    Many handgun ready positions exist. Rob Pincus strongly prefers the high compressed ready position. The gun is held in front of the chest above the area the gun moves to when it comes up out of the holster. The gun is also close to the chest, and the shooter’s elbows are at his side so…

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  • Preparing Multiple Emergency Medical Kits | PDN

    Preparing Multiple Emergency Medical Kits

    When dealing with the variety of medical problems you may encounter in your daily life, the best solution is to prepare multiple emergency medical kits. Rob Pincus has several kits with different contents for everyday carry on the body, storage in a vehicle, and keeping at home. He demonstrates what goes in three of his…

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  • Storing a Tactical Vest with Your Rifle | PDN

    Storing a Tactical Vest and Gear with Your Rifle

    When you store a rifle (or any other firearm), you may or may not store your ammunition with it. One of the most convenient options for keeping ammo close to your rifle is a tactical vest.   Versatile Vests PDN Managing Editor Rob Pincus demonstrates a vest that has been pre-loaded with rifle magazines. Due…

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  • Prepping the Gun Trigger

    Prepping the Trigger

    Staging or prepping the trigger — taking up the slack on a modern striker-fired pistol — is advocated by some as it helps the shooter make a shot that needs a high level of precision. But Rob Pincus encourages defensive shooting students not to prep the trigger, because it is a technique designed for marksmanship…

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  • 7:12

    Home Defense: Prep Your Home for Weather

    Weather-related disasters are the most common type of disaster people have to deal with affecting home and family. There are specific preparations you can make for the type of weather disasters that your location is prone to. PDN offers tips to prepare for flood, snow, tornado, extreme cold and extreme heat, and everyone is encouraged…

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  • Scout Rifle as a Self or Home Defense Weapon

    Scout Rifle as a Self or Home Defense Weapon

    Exactly what is a Scout Rifle and how can you employ it in a personal-defense situation? Rob Pincus presents the special features of the Scout Rifle as defined by Col. Jeff Cooper of Gunsite. He shows how these versatile features, such as the three-point sling and redundant sighting system, make it a useful weapon for…

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  • Home Self Defense Techniques - Establish Boundaries

    Home Self Defense Techniques – Establish Boundaries

    One of the fundamental principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and great home self-defense techniques is establishing boundaries, which get people to go where we want them to and keep them out of areas we don’t want them in. Boundaries include everything from a row of statues to a waist-high hedgerow, chest-high hedgerow, fences,…

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  • Home Self Defense: The Unexpected Stranger

    Home Defense: The Unexpected Stranger

    If someone you don’t know knocks on your door when you’re not expecting anyone, what should you do? Kelly Muir, founder of “Be the Wrong Woman,” starts by addressing the security of the door itself and moves on to the question of “stay or go,” maintaining a secure room, problems with hiding places, and fighting…

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