• Advantages of Virtual Training

    Advantages of Virtual Training

    Rob Pincus and Gander Mountain Academy Director Billy Hieb are at GMA's V Range, where they take a look at how this virtual range offers safer, more convenient and economical training and practice.

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  • Maximizing Your Training Resources at Gander Mountain

    Maximizing Your Training Resources at Gander Mountain

    Everyone’s training resources are limited, and maximizing them may require some expert advice. Rob Pincus is on site at Gander Mountain Academy talking to Director Billy Hieb. At GMA, you can purchase firearms and ammo, get classroom instruction, live-fire range training, virtual range training, and scenario training. Billy discusses GMA’s virtual range training as a…

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  • Are Your Shoes Going To Get You Killed?

    Are Your Shoes Going To Get You Killed?

    Should you take your clothing into consideration when creating your overall safety plan for personal defense? Definitely yes, and Kelly Muir explains why. In this clip, she focuses on women’s footwear. Telling a woman never to wear flip flops, sandals and/or high heels because they are not as “safe” as a pair of athletic shoes…

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  • Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Carry

    Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Carry

    Rob Pincus presents the Gideon Tanto Point fixed blade knife from BlackHawk. This is a rugged, durable knife with a solid, heavy blade and thin, comfortable contoured handle. Rob talks about the variety of applications for this knife, including law enforcement, personal defense, hunting and other outdoor uses. The sheath has a retention lock so…

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  • Muscle Recruitment

    Muscle Recruitment

    To better understand the human weapon system, we must understand the mechanical structures of the body and how they interact with each other. The desired end result is that we become stronger and better fighters.

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  • When a Text Message Can Improve Your Safety

    When a Text Message Can Improve Your Safety

    Many people talk about the negatives of electronic communications in regard to distraction, privacy and our general personal defense efforts, but Kelly Muir shares some thoughts about how text messaging can actually enhance your safety in certain situations.

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  • Intermediate Barriers

    Intermediate Barriers

    As any trained firearm user knows, it is vital when using a defensive weapon

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  • Defensive Grappling: Wrist Locks

    Defensive Grappling: Wrist Locks

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the wrist lock, a key personal defense technique.

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  • Case #4:  Kendrick

    Case #4: Kendrick

    Whether you choose to believe it or not, dangerous things could happen to you. Rather than spending the time thinking that nothing should happen to you or deciding why it could happen to you, determine what you would do if it does.

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