• Case #3: Levi

    Case #3: Levi

    Training in mental awareness is extremely important for protecting yourself and/or staying out of harm's way. In this case, Levi demonstrated an instance where he successfully read the situation and determined that he had to take action.

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  • Case #2: Jason

    Case #2: Jason

    Real-life dynamic critical incidents are just that, dynamic. No two incidents are exactly the same, so you shouldn't train yourself for just one situation.

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  • Case #1: Inteera

    Case #1: Inteera

    Training for and knowing how to react in the instance of a dynamic critical incident are essential for handling the situation.

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  • Part 5: Extreme Close Quarters Retention Shooting

    Part 5: Extreme Close Quarters Retention Shooting

    If you ever experience an extreme close quarters shooting instance during home intrusion, it is highly unlikely that the situation will allow you to aim down the sights and fire from the high ready position. So Rob Pincus demonstrates how to prepare yourself for the much more likely situation when you have to fire from…

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  • Encountering a Threat in Your Home

    Encountering a Threat in Your Home

    In this demonstration, Rob Pincus provides all the steps that you should follow after you’ve encountered a threat in your home. Once you’re aware of the hostile intrusion, making sure that you and your family are safe is, naturally, the first priority. You’ll learn how to diagnose the situation, move around in your home, give…

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  • Part 2: Dynamic Deviation Control

    Part 2: Dynamic Deviation Control

    Rob Pincus discusses the errors that can be created when shooters training on static targets spend too much time, effort and energy trying to isolate their firearm unrealistically from moving at all while shooting.

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  • Criminal Assault Paradigm

    Criminal Assault Paradigm

    Criminals aren’t fair fighters. Their nature as lawbreakers guarantees that they will tip the balance so that they make it as uneven for their victim as possible.

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  • Why Context is an Important Part of Your Training

    Why Context is an Important Part of Your Training

    Rob Pincus discusses why training a skill in context is vital for being prepared for the real thing. It’s easy to feel overconfident about your shooting after you hit a target dead center from 100 yards while standing still, and this confidence doesn’t do you any good when you are faced with a live, dangerous…

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  • Creating Behavioral Cover

    Creating Behavioral Cover

    Behavioral cover, although not often trained, is a tactic that may just save your life in a last-ditch survival improvisation. Rob Pincus explains how simply raising an object to your face, be it your hand, a book or a briefcase, can be enough to delay your enemy’s shot.

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