• 4:18

    Violent Criminal Actors – Introduction

    Who are violent criminal actors, the bad guys we are preparing to defend ourselves, our family members, and perhaps our community members against? With his experience in law enforcement and the court and mental health systems, the late William Aprill was one of the country’s foremost experts on this subject. Complete Series: Violent Criminal Actors…

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  • 3:23

    Mental Health Awareness in the Gun Community

    Mental health and firearms is an important issue that gun owners need to be talking about. Why? Rob Pincus explains. Walk The Talk America Perhaps you’ve seen the WTTA logo being worn by many industry leaders in the firearms community. They are doing it because they’ve been talking a lot about the importance of recognizing…

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  • 4:34

    M.A.R.C.H. Assessment

    Full-time paramedic, reserve police officer, and retired military Mike McElmeel of Eighteen Zulu LLC talks about the M.A.R.C.H. Assessment tool. Most of us carry some sort of IFAK or trauma management equipment when we’re on the range. But how are we going to manage the patient between the time we have a catastrophic injury and…

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  • 10:14

    Sensory Recognition Development

    Through frequent and realistic training, we can use the power of recognition to respond to a threat more efficiently. In this in-depth video, Michael Dasargo of 10X Defense explains that by recognition, he means we’re familiar with what’s happening, and contact is a key method to develop skills and have those skills transfer to the…

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  • Introduction to Fit-Shot Concept

    Part 1: Introduction to Fit-Shot Concept

    Rob Pincus discusses a training implementation called FitShot, which combines the exhausting workouts of functional fitness with shooting practice.

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  • Learn Extremity Anatomy for Self-Defense

    Part 6: Learn Extremity Anatomy for Self-Defense

    The hands and wrists are made up of very small bones and joints that are mobile and can be moved in many different ways. Peak-Performance Coach Mike Gillette advises that the first thing to understand is the range of motion the joints have, so you can maintain stability no matter how they move in a…

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  • 2:48

    Multiple Rounds into Ballistic Gel

    Rob Pincus conducts ballistic gelatin testing on the new Hybrid-X ammunition from Winchester. He fires three rounds of 9mm Winchester Hybrid-X from 12 feet into 10% ballistic gelatin through two layers of cotton fabric, to obtain wound ballistics data. What sets the Hybrid-X ammunition apart from other rounds? WINCHESTER HYBRID-X Ammunition is a necessary part…

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  • 3:08

    Arming Teachers

    Arming teachers comes up in the media in the wake of every tragedy that happens at a school. Whether a grammar school, high school or university, the conversation turns to what we can do to stop the next spree killer. Even better, what can we do to stop the idea occurring to the next would-be…

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  • 2:41

    Non-Threatening Postures: What to Do After a Shooting

    What to do after a shooting? More specifically, what should you do in the aftermath of using a firearm in a public environment? Barret Kendrick of Bearco Training explains how to reduce the chances of being mistaken for a bad guy. Armed in Public You know that you have just fired on a bad guy…

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