• 2:07

    Motivation: Protect What You Love

    When it comes to establishing a defensive mindset and considering personal security, the thing you may be missing is motivation. Some people may be reluctant to establish in their own mind the idea that they are willing to use force to defend themselves. Some people are unaware of the idea that they even need to…

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  • Are You A Sheepdog?

    Are You a Sheepdog?

    The analogy of the sheepdog, which oversees and protects the flock, was popularized in the law enforcement, military, security, and personal defense communities in the 1990s through the writings of Lt. Col. David Grossman, who has been a PDN contributor. Over the years, Rob Pincus’s beliefs about the sheepdog concept have evolved. The Professional Sheepdog…

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  • Active Shooter Training

    Active Shooter Drills in the Workplace

    An active shooter is someone who comes into a public space with the intent of hurting as many people as possible. What kind of active shooter training can be done in a workplace? High-Risk Areas If you’re in a high-risk area such as a hospital, amusement park, shopping mall, or school, a place where people…

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  • active-shooter-scenarios-in-the-workplace

    Active Shooter Scenario Training in the Workplace

    Active shooters are a growing threat, and training to respond to them in the workplace involves having a plan, practicing drills and, if your company has the resources, implementing scenario training. If you work in a large-scale facility with a lot of people, such as a school, shopping mall, hospital, or corporate complex, you may…

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  • Fear of Over-Reacting

    Fear of Over-Reacting

    When PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus talks to people who are new to self-defense training concepts, they often tell him they have a fear of over-reacting. In this video, Rob explains that as you develop your defensive lifestyle, you actually become less likely to over-react. Here’s how it works. Situational Awareness Once you start thinking…

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  • 6:02

    Training Discipline: Keeping Your Focus for the Best Self Defense

    As you approach a best self defense training plan, the concept of training discipline is incredibly important. Training discipline means making sure what you spend time, effort and energy on learning how to do is applicable to your intended situation or intended context of need or use. All the research and decision-making you do prior…

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  • 7:07

    Why People Don’t Carry Guns

    There are a lot of reasons why people don’t carry guns, including legal, moral, and competence-related excuses. Rob Pincus addresses the three most common excuses he hears, all of which can easily be overcome. Already Carrying? Don’t Tune Out! If you do carry a gun, keep watching this video! Listen to these concepts so you…

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  • Non-Lethal Self-Defense

    Non-Lethal Self-Defense

    A lot of people who are not actively engaged in the training community tell Rob Pincus that they don’t know if they could kill someone. Obviously it is not necessary to kill someone in order to stop them from hurting you or your family, and it’s certainly not necessary to think you’re going to have…

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  • Incident Response Plan for a Terrorism Event

    Incident Response Plan for a Terrorism Event

    A terrorism event is a violent attack in a public space where the attacker is politically motivated. The attacker(s) could have guns, a bomb, or other weapons. What should your incident response plan be for a terrorism event? Rob Pincus states that if you are in the middle of a public attack, you’re not going…

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