• Carrying Firearms

    Carrying Firearms: The Myth of Empty Chamber Carry

    One significant myth of defensive shooting is the idea that, when carrying firearms, you are equally as well prepared to defend yourself if you carry a firearm with an empty chamber as when you carry with a round in the chamber. Some people advocate carrying firearms essentially unloaded — with no round in the chamber…

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  • Protecting Houses of Worship

    Protecting Houses of Worship

    A violent attack at a house of worship naturally has a big effect on the community in which it takes place. Why are these attacks occurring? A recent PDN article by Pablo Birriel discusses the reasons and the concept of ministries of defense to protect houses of worship. Attacks on Sacred Spaces Among the theories…

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  • 4:41

    Trained Response for Self-Defense

    When it comes to self-defense skills, you practice them in order to be able to execute and apply them when most needed. Rob Pincus explains the O3R theory, which helps you to understand the best way to envision yourself being able to use these learned responses for self-defense in the middle of an incident, especially…

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  • Situational Awareness

    Practical Situational Awareness

    Rob Pincus challenges some traditional notions of situational awareness, something people talk a lot about when it comes to self-defense. We mostly talk about situational awareness relating to avoiding a situation, such as crossing the street to avoid someone who looks dangerous. Another facet of it is knowing our surroundings, such as the exits in…

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  • Shooting from Inside a Vehicle: Cover and Concealment

    Shooting from Inside a Vehicle: Cover and Concealment

    If you are inside a vehicle in a public environment during an active shooter incident, the vehicle’s interior provides both cover and concealment. What actions can you take in defense of others in this situation?

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  • 2:33

    Defeating the Telegraph

    In a real-world defensive encounter, if your body is telegraphing what your next strike is going to be, you may give the attacker an advantage. One benefit of training in off-balance positions is that they limit your ability to telegraph. Omari Broussard, owner of 10X Defense, demonstrates how you can still strike with speed and…

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  • 4:46

    Firearms Training: Skill Building Drills or Scenarios?

    Which of these are more valuable in a reality-based training program? Ken Murray, author of Training at the Speed of Life, believes they are equally important. A defensive shooter’s skills must be developed before he can get optimal value from a scenario. Ken explains why, and also discusses the difference between a low-level scenario and…

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  • PDN Feature Length -Bullet Proof Mind: Mental Preparation for the Coming of Hard Times

    PDN Feature Length – Bulletproof Mind: Mental Preparation for the Coming of Hard Times

    There are basically two types of people in the world: sheep and wolves. If you are a productive member of society, you’re a sheep. If, on the other hand, you are someone who feeds on sheep without mercy, you are a wolf. Regardless of your mission in the world, when you forget or ignore the…

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  • Simulated Firearms Training as a Bystander During an Armed Robbery

    Simulated Firearms Training as a Bystander During an Armed Robbery

    In this extended video from Gander Mountain Academy, Director of Training Billy Heib puts PDN’s Rob Pincus into one of the GMA Simulators, where Rob experiences the armed robbery of a convenience store. This firearms training video offers a good look at how realistic and immersive the Simulators are. Billy and Rob also conduct an…

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