• Part 3: Fundamentals of Defensive Shotgun Use

    Here’s the first thing you should learn about your defensive shotgun: it works best when you know how to use it. This is paramount. If you don’t know the fundamentals and you don’t how to be effective with your shotgun, you’ll have a much tougher time protecting yourself and/or your family. Rob Pincus demonstrates the…

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  • Part 4: Shooting a Defensive Shotgun

    Shooting a home-defense shotgun may be a relatively simple process to learn, but it is a difficult one to master. Before you add a shotgun to your personal defense arsenal, you should know how to load, aim, fire and reset the weapon properly. Rob Pincus explains why you should train with a shotgun for closer,…

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  • Part 5: Extreme Close Quarters Retention Shooting

    If you ever experience an extreme close quarters shooting instance during home intrusion, it is highly unlikely that the situation will allow you to aim down the sights and fire from the high ready position. So Rob Pincus demonstrates how to prepare yourself for the much more likely situation when you have to fire from…

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  • Part 1: Trigger Control

    One of the common misconceptions about firing a handgun is that you must have perfect trigger control.

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  • Part 2: Dynamic Deviation Control

    Rob Pincus discusses the errors that can be created when shooters training on static targets spend too much time, effort and energy trying to isolate their firearm unrealistically from moving at all while shooting.

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  • Part 3: Two-Handed Handgun Grip

    People in defensive shooting situations often use a one-handed handgun grip when they should use a two-handed grip.

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  • Part 4: 360-Degree Presentation From A Holster

    An active shooter is not always going to be directly in front of you, which means you’ll need to be able to present your weapon from the holster at any angle. To learn this technique, Rob Pincus demonstrates drawing his weapon from the holster and aiming without rotating his hips to fully face the target.…

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  • Presenting and Shooting From A Seated Position

    Most of us spend a lot of our time sitting down, so why not practice for a critical incident that requires you to present and shoot your weapon from a seated position? In this video, Rob Pincus teaches the proper technique for drawing your firearm, getting off an effective shot, standing up and checking your…

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  • Presenting and Shooting From A Chair in 360 Degrees

    Learning to present your firearm in 360 degrees around your body from a seated position could be a vital lifesaving skill, but it must be done safely. Rob Pincus teaches you the best methods for presenting as efficiently as possible without covering yourself with your own gun. SEE OTHER VIDEOS IN OUR ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE…

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