• Accessorizing AR-15 Type Rifles

    Accessorizing AR-15 Type Rifles

    AR-15 type rifles are known for their ability to be accessorized. The Ballista Nautilus Rotating Rail allows you to change the position of any of your rail-mounted accessories in 45-degree increments.

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  • 5:21

    Shotgun Training with Recoil Reduction Stock

    A full day of shotgun training can be very fatiguing. To get the most out of your shotgun training, consider using the BlackHawk NRS2 Second Generation Recoil Reduction Tactical Stock for pump-action Winchester, Mossberg and Remington shotguns. It can reduce felt recoil up to 85%. Rob Pincus examines this stock feature by feature and assesses…

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  • Training with Firearm Laser Devices

    Training with Firearm Laser Devices

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the use of a laser aiming device on a personal defense handgun.

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  • Browe Combat Optic

    Browe Combat Optic

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the benefits of the BROWE Combat Optic, the advanced sight that is perfect for use in live combat, on security patrol, or in certain cases, self-defense in the home.

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  • 6:14

    Browe Combat Optic

    Rob Pincus discusses zeroing your home defense long gun optic and why the normal rules of The Plausibility Principle are trumped by the efficiency of zeroing your rifle for much further distances than you would most likely be using it.

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  • Strikes and Fending with a Carbine

    Strikes and Fending with a Carbine

    Chris Fry demonstrates the four fundamental strikes with the long gun in this personal defense network video. Learn how to use different strikes and find out when the appropriate time is to use them. See how these strikes are used for lateral threats as well! Improve in your defensive skills today with these helpful tips…

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  • Long Gun Optics

    Long Gun Optics

    An important consideration when using a long gun is the optic you use. Rob Pincus discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various optics on long guns.

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  • Using Long Guns in Confined Spaces

    Using Long Guns in Confined Spaces

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the best techniques for utilizing a long gun in confined spaces like the hallways of your house. He shows what it means to establish a good reactionary gap, how to find the best angles for cover, and why you have to create and maintain an optimal field of vision. In this type…

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  • Deploying Long Guns in Vehicles

    Deploying Long Guns in Vehicles

    Rob Pincus shows how to deploy a long gun from the back of a vehicle, while using the vehicle for cover, in a dynamic critical incident. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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