• AR Rifle Training with a Sling

    AR Rifle Training with a Sling

    John Brown demonstrates presentation of an AR rifle from a slung position. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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  • Combat Focus Carbine Shooting

    Combat Focus Carbine Shooting

    The Combat Focus Carbine Program is designed to make you more efficient in the context of a dynamic critical incident. Much of it is similar to the basics of the Combat Focus Program for pistols, but there are some steps that vary.

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  • Carbine Rifle C.O.R.R. Combative Training

    Carbine Rifle C.O.R.R. Combative Training

    The close quarters combat principle, Clamp Orient Ram Retract (CORR) principle with a carbine rifle as demonstrated by Chris Fry. Learn various CORR home defense tactics in close quarters shooting situations.

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  • AR15 Type Rifles

    AR15 Type Rifles

    AR-15 type rifles are known for their ability to be accessorized. The Ballista Nautilus Rotating Rail allows you to change the position of any of your rail-mounted accessories in 45-degree increments.

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  • Defensive Long Guns

    Defensive Long Guns

    Rob Pincus provides helpful tips for determining when to use a long gun as well as teaches you about different types of long guns. Learn the differences between a rifle and a shotgun. Also, see how to best use specific long guns in defensive situations. Find out what other tips Rob has to offer in…

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  • Lever Action Rifles

    Lever Action Rifles

    Take a look at how a lever action rifle can be used for defensive application either inside the home or even in another environment. Rob Pincus discusses how using any type of long gun can be rather inconvenient compared to using a handgun. Learning how to use a lever action rifle is the main objective…

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  • The 6.8 SPC Rifle

    The 6.8 SPC Rifle

    Find out everything you need to know about using a 6-8 spc rifle in this video. The 6-8 SPC Rifle was designed to give more firepower. The ease of shooting is amazing, it doesn’t have a violent recoil and provides a great deal of knock down power. Learn that this rifle would be appropriate for…

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