• 1:38

    Reloading an AR-15

    Understanding how to reload the AR-15-type rifle, carbine, or braced pistol is very important if you stage one for home defense. The way you reload should be congruent with the context of use, without visual reference, making sure the magazine is seated and running the charging handle. Rob Pincus demonstrates the proper reload procedure step…

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  • 3:03

    Mission First Tactical MF-1 Extreme Duty Magazine

    Mission First Tactical, well-known for their numerous firearm accessories, including their polymer rifle magazines, is now upping their game when it comes to magazines with their new Extreme Duty polymer magazine. Let’s take a closer look at the MF-1 Extreme Duty magazine. Original Mission First Magazines Rob Pincus has been using Mission First Tactical standard…

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  • POF Revolution Rifle

    POF-USA Revolution Rifle

    The POF-USA Revolution Rifle is a .308 rifle that is the size of a 5.56. It is built with numerous interchangeable parts with POF-USA 5.56 guns, so it is ergonomically and functionally very similar to the AR-15 5.56, but it’s a piston-driven .308. It also weighs only 7.3 pounds. Your “One Gun” Patriot Ordnance Factory…

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  • 3:08

    Springfield M1A in 6.5 Creedmoor – SPONSORED

    The M1A is traditionally a .308 rifle, but Rob Pincus is on the range with a Springfield Armory M1A that is chambered for the 6.5 Creedmoor round. It’s designed for extreme long-distance shooting up to 1,500 meters. 6.5 Creedmoor This round has become incredibly popular due to its flat-shooting trajectory and the ease with which…

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  • 5:27

    Inside the POF-USA Revolution Rifle – SPONSORED

    The POF-USA Revolution is a .308 rifle that is 5.56 sized and has many parts that are interchangeable with 5.56 POF rifles. We take a look inside the Revolution to see what makes it different. E2 Technology The POF-USA Revolution rifle is a piston gun with a lot of interesting features, including several ambidextrous controls.…

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  • 5:21

    Patriot Ordnance Factory Renegade Plus

    You may only know Patriot Ordnance Factory as a piston-driven company and/or as a .308 company. But POF-USA is also in the 5.56 direct-impingement market, and they bring to their 5.56 line all the same innovation and a lot of the same features that you’ve seen on their .308 guns like the Revolution. Being a…

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  • 1:56

    Springfield Armory SAINT Edge 5.56

    When the Springfield Armory SAINT hit the market, people rushed out to buy it because it’s priced so affordably from a quality manufacturer such as Springfield. Then they discovered at the range that it’s a great gun and a great value. But if you’re above entry level, you’ll want to check out the Springfield SAINT…

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  • Advanced FitShot Exercise: Rifle Burpee

    Part 4: Advanced FitShot Exercise: Rifle Burpee

    The Rifle Burpee is a great full body exercise that works our core, arms and chest as well allowing us to integrate our rifle into our workouts. To safely complete the Rifle Burpee, you need to make sure that you maneuver your hands to the be out from underneath the rifle during the push-up.

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  • 1:50

    High Compressed Ready with a Rifle

    When considering shooting positions, you may be familiar with the high compressed ready position for handguns. J. Hawkins of Reno Guns & Range discusses the high compressed ready position for rifles and carbines. Having more points of contact with the body than a handgun gives the rifle an advantage. We want to make sure to…

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