• 6:08

    CMMG MkG45 Guard and the Concept of Pistol-Caliber Carbines

    Pistol-caliber carbines are becoming increasingly popular. The CMMG MkG45 Guard in .45 ACP looks and shoots like other ARs but inside it’s unique, and its uniqueness means some serious advantages for shooters. Radial Delayed Blowback System This new patent-pending system makes the CMMG MkG45 Guard shoot a lot softer than even 9mm pistol-caliber carbines, and…

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  • 3:01

    Springfield – Worlds Collide: Long Gun vs Handgun

    Worlds don’t collide in the latest of our ongoing series with champion competition shooter Rob Leatham and defensive shooter Rob Pincus. This installment is strictly about defensive shooting, in particular what is the best home defense weapon. Advantages of a Long Gun Both Robs agree that any rifle is better than any pistol in terms…

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  • 3:41

    Varying Target Distances Using an FN 15

    Rob Pincus is using an FN 15 Tactical II rifle to work on varying the target distance in order to vary his balance of speed and precision. The two main things you can vary are target size and target distance to help work on your balance of speed and precision, in recognizing the fastest pace…

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  • 5:22

    Long Gun Engagement Distance

    What dictates your most likely engagement distance with a threat? Rob Pincus asks this question near the start of every rifle training course he teaches, so students will understand why the target set up on the range isn’t 50, 100 or 300 meters away — it’s three to five meters away. Why Use This Distance?…

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  • 3:21

    Springfield Armory Saint AR-15

    Springfield Armory, one of the oldest and most trusted names in U.S. firearms, is now manufacturing their own version of one of the most ubiquitous American firearms, the AR-15-type rifle. The Springfield Armory Saint AR-15-type rifle is designed and purpose-built as a personal defense, home defense, and patrol rifle. It’s incredibly reliable right out of…

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  • 1:35

    Varying Distance with Reactive Shooting Targets

    Rob Pincus has talked about the importance of varying your target sizes and distances. For defensive training, sizes are basically determined by the head and chest size target areas on paper or steel targets. Reactive Shooting Targets Of course one option for varying distances during shooting drills is to place the targets at different distances…

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  • 2:20

    Why You Need a Sling on a Home-Defense Rifle

    Does a home-defense rifle or shotgun need a rifle sling? Rob Pincus believes any long gun that will potentially be used in the chaotic environment of personal defense absolutely should have a sling. Whether for a law-enforcement officer wielding a patrol rifle, or anyone in the military who carries a rifle on patrol and keeps…

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  • FN 15 Tactical II Rifle

    FN 15 Tactical II Rifle

    Just about every company makes an AR-15 these days, but we have higher expectations of an AR from FN, whose tagline is “the world’s most battle-proven firearms.” FN has a sterling track record with our military and armed forces all over the world. But is this the firearm you need for home defense and rifle…

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  • CMMG - Rifles - 2017 Tour Sponsor

    CMMG – 2017 Tour Sponsor

    It’s great to have CMMG back on the PDN Training Tour for their third year as a sponsor and providing demo rifles for Rob to use during training tour courses. The CMMG rifles Rob brings to class are often pressed into service when a student’s rifle goes down, and have proven durable and reliable during…

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