• Training Rifle

    Setting Up .22 LR Training Rifle

    This video demonstrates setting up a dedicated .22 Long Rifle training rifle. There have been ammo shortages that have affected whether or not you could really train and practice with your full-size gun, because that ammo was too expensive or hard to find. It makes sense to have a cheaper way to train than always…

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  • Shooting from Inside a Vehicle: Cover and Concealment

    Shooting from Inside a Vehicle: Cover and Concealment

    If you are inside a vehicle in a public environment during an active shooter incident, the vehicle’s interior provides both cover and concealment. What actions can you take in defense of others in this situation?

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  • Shooting Rests

    Improvised Shooting Rests With a Rifle

    If you’re out in the field hunting or target shooting, on land that you own or have access to, and are permitted to shoot on both sides of fences, they can be used as improvised shooting rests. Before employing one of these rests, be aware of two things. First, do not put hard on hard,…

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  • Rifle Training with a .22 Caliber Long Gun

    Rifle Training with a .22 Caliber Long Gun

    John Chapman, Director of Training at LMS Defense, recommends using a .22 Long Rifle dedicated long gun such as the S&W M&P15-22 because it manipulates exactly like a true M4. An M&P15-22 is used here to practice manipulations including loading/reloading. Rifle training drills are also performed that take advantage of the strengths of the .22…

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  • Scout Rifle as a Self or Home Defense Weapon

    Scout Rifle as a Self or Home Defense Weapon

    Exactly what is a Scout Rifle and how can you employ it in a personal-defense situation? Rob Pincus presents the special features of the Scout Rifle as defined by Col. Jeff Cooper of Gunsite. He shows how these versatile features, such as the three-point sling and redundant sighting system, make it a useful weapon for…

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  • Shooting Positions While Using a Vehicle as Cover

    Shooting Positions While Using a Vehicle as Cover

    Rob Pincus looks at various ways vehicles can be used as cover when carrying a long gun, as well as different ways to get into position to shoot around vehicles. Topics in this extended video include how close to stay to the vehicle; employing specific vehicle parts to get into shooting positions; strong-side vs weak-side…

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  • Lateral Movement Exercises

    Lateral Movement Exercises

    When under fire, we want to immediately move off the spot where we’ve been targeted. But moving does not eliminate the threat – return fire does, which means we need to shift the firearm from a ready or slung position into a shooting position at the same time we are moving to one side or…

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  • Firearm Training

    C.O.R.R.: Clamp, Orient, Ram, Retract.

    Chris Fry of MDTS Training takes a step-by-step look at employing the C.O.R.R. principle with a long gun. It’s designed to prevent takeaways and engage an aggressor at close quarters without using lethal force. Chris also presents options for lethal force should that become necessary.

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  • Loading Magazines for Defensive Shooting

    Loading Magazines for Defensive Shooting

    When headed to the range with a long gun, what’s the best way to set up your magazines for maximum training value? Rob Pincus begins by demonstrating how to load a magazine properly. Then he advises against fully loading mags, because you will be able to predict when the reload is coming. Loading ten to…

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