• Part 5: Gun Storage and Storing Firearms

    Part 5: Gun Storage and Storing Firearms

    Once you have decided to keep a firearm in your home for family defense, one of the first things to deal with is where to stage that firearm. The three main factors to consider for gun storage are the layout of your home, the likely movement of an attacker, and the likely places you will…

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  • Holding a Rifle with Your Support Hand

    Holding a Rifle with Your Support Hand

    Where should you place your support hand on a rifle? Rob Pincus examines the options, including the magwell grip, gripping the far end of the rail, and placing the hand somewhere in between. Each grip has advantages and disadvantages related to controlling the rifle, fatigue, target acquisition, and unorthodox shooting positions. Rob covers both defensive…

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  • Mounting a Crimson Trace Railmaster to a Rifle

    Mounting a Crimson Trace Railmaster to a Rifle

    Rob Pincus demonstrates how to mount a Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro to a defensive rifle. He covers not only how to mount this specific device, but where you might want to attach any light and/or laser device on your rifle and why some positions are better than others.

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  • CMMG Mk4 3 Gun Rifle Overview

    CMMG Mk4 3 Gun Rifle Overview

    PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus takes a look at the advantages of the CMMG Mk4 3 gun rifle. This 3 gun rifle has incredible speed and precision. The AR is designed not just for serious competitors, but for anyone who is looking for a high quality, reliable AR type rifle with a great trigger, medium…

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  • String of Fire and Engaging Multiple Targets

    String of Fire and Engaging Multiple Targets

    With multiple targets set up downrange at different distances and a setup for receiving commands (whether from a training partner, MP3 player, or phone app), Rob Pincus is ready to shoot some strings of fire. He concentrates on visualizing the threat(s) and firing a different number of rounds each time at the multiple targets to…

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  • CMMG AR Rifles

    CMMG AR Rifles

    CMMG is a high quality manufacturer of reliable and fairly priced AR Rifles and parts. The Mk4 RCE is a feature-packed carbine, complete with CMMG’s RKM14 KeyMod rail and SV muzzle brake, a Geissele SSA 2-stage trigger, and MagPul’s MOE pistol grip and CTR butt stock. The RCE is a medium weight AR that is…

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  • Training with Shooting Gloves

    Training with Shooting Gloves

    When doing extended practice sessions with your home-defense rifle, you may want to wear shooting gloves to protect your hands from the heat generated by the rifle barrel firing a high number of rounds in a short time frame. Consider investing in shooting gloves that will allow you a lot of tactile response from the…

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  • Gun Knowledge and Demystifying the Gun

    Gun Knowledge and Demystifying the Gun

    In this extended clip from the Spree Attacker Response DVD, Rob Pincus goes in depth discussing the reality of firearms and how they can be used to hurt people, with the aim of demystifying them. PDN members and regular viewers may understand this already, but you probably know someone, or several people, who are unfamiliar…

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  • AR-15 Pistol Use

    AR-15 Pistol Use

    AR-15 pistols have recently seen a resurgence in popularity and for several good reasons. The ability to have a compact firearm with the performance and ergonomics of the AR-15 rifle is very attractive for those looking for potent vehicle or home defense options. AR pistols carry specific reliability, performance, legal and training issues. In this…

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