• The Myth of the Bad Guy

    The Myth of the Bad Guy

    Don't completely discount what you've heard about being aware of your surroundings. It is possible that someone you don't know could simply attack you, but statistics show that the idea of a man in a black mask who pulls up in a white van is very uncommon. The myth of the bad guy is a term that self-defense teachers like Kelly Muir give this misconception that you'll be attacked while out for your Sunday jog just because they want to hurt you.

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  • self-defense moves for women

    Part 1: Basic Elbow Strikes – Self-Defense for Women

    You just got off the late shift at work, and an unsatisfied customer wants his money back for a bad meal, so he gets too close and threatens you.

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  • Part 2: Advanced Knee Strikes

    Part 2: Advanced Knee Strikes

    Kelly Muir demonstrates the proper technique for using your knee as a weapon that can deal devastating strikes.

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  • Part 3: Contact & Chemical Spray

    Part 3: Contact & Chemical Spray

    For women who don’t feel comfortable carrying a concealed defensive handgun, there are other options for personal defense. Rob Pincus and Kelly Muir discuss the pros and cons of a couple of these options, and why it is extremely important that you know how each one should be used. One of the go-to defense weapons…

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