• Magnum Research MLR-22 Semi-auto rifle

    Semi-Automatic 22 Rifle by Magnum Research (MLR-22)

    Reliable Semi-Automatic .22 Magnum Rifles can make excellent home defense firearms for people who are looking for a lightweight and low recoil rifle option. Modern ammunition has made the .22 Magnum a viable choice for defense, especially out of a rifle.

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  • Evolved Trigger Guard Devices as Holsters : Vanguard II

    Evolved Trigger Guard Devices as Holsters: Vanguard II

    Trigger Guard Devices are seen by some who carry in the appendix position as a minimalist great carry option. The Vanguard II is the most evolved design of this type and offers some very specific features including: a belt loop that holds the gun in a constant position and a fin which protrudes from the…

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  • Using Red Dot Optic as Rear Sight

    Using Red Dot Optic as Rear Sight

    Rob Pincus talks about the possibility of using a small red dot optic as an improvised ghost ring rear sight.

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  • CrossBreed Ankle Holster Versatile Comfortable

    CrossBreed Ankle Holster Versatile Comfortable

    Ankle holsters have historically had fit, comfort and accessibility problems. Rob Pincus demonstrates a dramatically improved CrossBreed ankle holster Carry. This holster features padding against the leg and ankle bones, a pressure strap and cinch to hold it in place on the ankle, and a padded calf strap that is fully adjustable for different leg…

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  • Sabre Red Pepper Gel

    Sabre Red Pepper Gel

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the use of Sabre Red Pepper Gel, a chemical agent designed to be used in close quarters such as rooms, hallways, work spaces and vehicles. The problem with mist- or fog-type chemical sprays is contamination.

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  • CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster

    CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster

    Rob Pincus is already a known fan of CrossBreed Holsters, so he’s excited to present the new CrossBreed Appendix Carry Holster. First Rob explains why he prefers appendix carry. Then he shows the new holster, which blends leather and Kydex.

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  • Advantages of Kydex and Leather Combination Holsters

    Advantages of Kydex and Leather Combination Holsters

    Holsters made of a combination of kydex and leather are large and may appear uncomfortable and difficult to conceal. Rob Pincus explains the advantages of these holsters. They combine the comfort of wearing leather against the skin all day with the reliability and security of the plastic that Kydex provides, especially with respect to being…

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  • Tourniquets: Tactical Medical Solutions

    Tourniquets: Tactical Medical Solutions

    Old-school thinking held that if a tourniquet were used on an extremity wound, the injured person would lose that limb. That has been shown to be incorrect, and tourniquets are now in the first-aid kits of medics on battlefields and streets worldwide.

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  • concealed handguns

    Practical Advantages of Grip Length Reduction on Concealed Handguns

    Rob Pincus discusses the advantages that can be gained in concealed handguns that have a short grip while retaining a standard grip length slide.

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