• 8:49

    Covert Carry Bags

    Rob Pincus looks at covert carry options for long guns. When we think of covert carry bags, we usually don’t mean for transporting long guns to the range but rather for moving long guns from our home to our car, from our car to our workplace, or anyplace we’re moving about in public. We probably…

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  • 2:53

    5.11 Defender Flex Pants – SPONSORED

    PDN welcomes 5.11 Tactical as a new sponsor on the 2018 PDN Training Tour. 5.11 Tactical is a high-quality manufacturer of clothing and accessories for law enforcement, fire and EMS professionals, as well as shooters and outdoorsmen/women. Rob Pincus has been testing the 5.11 Defender-Flex Pants — here’s his report. Tactical Utility When going about…

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  • 6:21

    Identilock Gun Lock – SPONSORED

    As responsible firearms owners, we always want to secure our guns from unauthorized use but be able to deploy them quickly if needed. An efficient method for doing that is Identilock, a biometric fingerprint recognition device that secures the trigger area of a defensive firearm. Let’s take a closer look at how the Identilock trigger…

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  • Improvised Laser Training

    Part 5: Improvised Laser Training

    Rob Pincus discusses the opportunity you have to train with a laser device with nothing more than improvised targets and some creativity when you can’t get to the range or find ammunition. “Training” doesn’t always have to mean live-fire “shooting.”

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  • 2:42

    Safety Cutter/Rescue Hook for Airline Carry-On

    Frequent flier Rob Pincus is often asked what items can and cannot be taken as carry-ons on flights. Not because people want to sneak things onto flights, but because there are some gray areas with the way TSA enforces different rules, and they vary from airport to airport. In this video, Rob talks about a…

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  • 2:21

    Safety Cutter/Rescue Hook Demonstration

    Using a Benchmade 5 Hook, Rob Pincus demonstrates exactly how to use a safety cutter, also known as a rescue hook, to cut away clothing and expose a gunshot wound. It can also be used to cut away clothing on other types of injuries. Possible Scenarios During firearms training or practice, a person may have…

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  • 1:11

    Breakthrough Clean – US Optics Cleaning Kit

    The latest product from Breakthrough Clean is a cleaning kit co-branded with U.S. Optics and designed to clean all your lenses, red dot sights, magnified scopes, binoculars, and any other tools and accessories with lenses. Kit Components What consumers now expect from Breakthrough Clean is a high-quality, military-grade cleanser, and that’s what the lens cleaning…

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  • 2:46

    Butler Creek ASAP Magazine Loader

    The new ASAP Magazine Loader from Butler Creek is a universal double-stack pistol magazine loader. When Rob Pincus first picked it up, he thought it looked a little overbuilt and overengineered, but once he started using it, he figured out why it’s so robust, and that it really is universal. The ASAP Magazine Loader is…

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  • 2:34

    Holosun Red Dot Sight

    A Holosun red dot sight is now sitting on Rob Pincus’ primary home-defense rifle. He believes it would do a great job in any situation he would need it to. Here’s how the Holosun proved itself. Rob first tried the Holosun red dot sight during the 2017 PDN Training Tour. He put it on a…

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