• 5:11

    Body Armor Inserts for Backpacks

    Body armor inserts for backpacks and briefcases are something you might be interested in for yourself or for your kids when they go to school. This is one option for active shooter response and one way for the average person to be better prepared to defend themselves. Obviously children can’t carry guns to school, but…

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  • 3:25

    9mm ARX Inceptor Ammunition

    The 9mm ARX Inceptor round is a polymer round that is not a hollow point and is not designed to fragment. It is designed to disrupt the tissue around the bullet due to the grooves that are cut into the polymer that are in the mold the polymer is formed in. Ballistic Testing Is this…

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  • 2:45

    SFD-Responder 2.0 Ankle Medical Kit

    The SFD-Responder 2.0 ankle medical kit is for Rob Pincus the most convenient way to carry the important medical equipment he knows he should have with him all the time. At PDN we consider a medical kit worn on the body to be an essential component of self-defense gear. The SFD-Responder 2.0 ankle medical kit…

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  • 3:24

    5.11 UCR IFAK Pouch

    For years, Rob Pincus has been insisting that every certified instructor in any program he teaches, and anyone affiliated with PDN who is running a range, have an emergency medical kit out on the range with them. 5.11 UCR IFAK Pouch For the entire 2018 PDN Training Tour, Rob’s emergency medical kit of choice was…

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  • 5:52

    Next Level SIRT Training Pistol: 110 SPOT Trainer

    Next Level Training is famous for the SIRT Training Pistol. SIRT stands for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger. Next Level’s Mike Hughes and PDN’s Rob Pincus discuss the increasing popularity of red-dot sights on handguns, a development both have been experimenting with but still believe have some serious downsides. 110 SPOT Trainer Because more shooters are…

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  • 3:48

    Holosun 507C Micro Red Dot System

    The Holosun 507C is a pistol red-dot sight. Rob Pincus is not a big advocate of having a red-dot sight on an everyday carry handgun or a professional’s duty gun. But he has experimented with them over the years and now sees more students bringing red-dot-equipped handguns to handgun training classes. Pros and Cons of…

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  • 2:37

    ASP Dot Microlight

    The Dot Microlight from ASP is a USB rechargeable light that’s 130 lumens and is small, lightweight, and can be carried just about anywhere. It can be attached to a keychain, carried in your pocket, or attached to a piece of gear. The ASP Dot is an extremely useful light. 130 Lumens In these days…

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  • 1:57

    Viridian Rechargeable Battery Modules – SPONSORED

    The new Viridian X5L green laser sight and all Viridian FACT camera-mounted light and laser combos for law enforcement and civilian use come equipped with an interchangeable and rechargeable battery pack. Charging Methods The Viridian rechargeable battery pack is rechargeable right on the unit itself by plugging into the unit the battery is holding. Make…

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  • 2:32

    Viridian X5L Gen 3 – SPONSORED

    The new Viridian X5L Gen 3 is the latest version of the original green laser sight and tactical light combo. It’s been ten years since the original Viridian X5L came on the market, with its Instant-On Technology and 5mw green laser. The Gen 3 is a great evolution of the older X5Ls. Rob Pincus has…

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