• 1:54

    Dangers of an Oversized Magazine Well

    An oversized magazine well is an aftermarket accessory that Rob Pincus thinks does not belong on a defensive pistol in most cases. The reason it can potentially be dangerous is that, if you have a magazine that does not extend significantly outside of, and in many cases even beyond at all, the oversized well, it…

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  • 3:03

    3 Keys to Proper Use of Cover

    Rob Pincus presents the three keys to realistic defensive-shooting practice for use of cover. How do we apply proper use of cover when in a fight? We have to do it by spatial awareness and our proximity to the cover. A gunfight is a dynamic, constantly changing situation. Our emphasis with respect to cover should…

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  • 3:28

    When To Stop Shooting

    In the world of armed defense, there’s a lot of talk about when to stop shooting. Before we talk about that, remember we only shoot to stop the threat. We shoot as long as we need to, from moral and legal perspectives as well as an efficiency in training standpoint. We want to apply only…

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  • 3:57

    Conflict Avoidance During Civil Unrest

    What is your responsibility to avoid conflict or de-escalate existing conflict, especially in times of civil unrest or civil anxiety? Rob Pincus addresses this topic with his usual clear-thinking approach. Especially in the United States but also worldwide, we have had a lot of turmoil this year. This has included civil unrest over social issues…

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  • 3:45

    Resetting a Threat’s OODA Loop

    Rob answers a question he got recently about resetting a threat’s OODA Loop. This is a decision-making loop that’s been used inside the defensive community to talk about not only the things we defenders do, but also what the bad guy is doing while trying to hurt us. UNDERSTANDING THE OODA LOOP OODA stands for…

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  • 5:02

    Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter

    Rob is on the range with a .308 Revolution pistol from POF-USA equipped with a Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter. Here, this accessory has been turned into a folding brace adapter because on this pistol, which is not a short-barreled rifle, it’s a brace, not a stock. The good news is that the Law Tactical…

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  • 6:33

    The 5 W’s of Personal Defense – Wrap Up

    William Aprill recaps the most important points of his 5 Ws presentation, with emphasis on the aspects of his approach that are different than other personal-defense systems. Complete Series: The 5 W’s of Personal Defense – Introduction The 5 W’s of Personal Defense – Overview The 5 W’s of Personal Defense – Who? The 5…

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  • 11:14

    The 5 W’s of Personal Defense – Why?

    Why do bad guys commit violence? Some reasons are understandable, for example the attacker has an opportunity for material gain. Violence with nothing to gain is harder to comprehend, yet it does happen, so we need to be prepared to respond to it. Complete Series: The 5 W’s of Personal Defense – Introduction The 5…

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  • 6:15

    The 5 W’s of Personal Defense – Where?

    Where are attacks going to happen? Standard advice used to be, “Don’t go to dangerous places.” But so-called “dangerous places” have become harder to define in today’s mobile society. Danger may come to you. William Aprill advises instead to think about which places offer an advantage to bad guys and a disadvantage to you. The…

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