• Four Zones of Defense

    Four Zones of Defense

    It is helpful to keep in mind during a fight that your body has four zones or quadrants of defense. You have forehand and backhand strikes that are separated by your body's natural center-line, and a high line and low line located above and below the level of our elbows, respectively.

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  • Fist Loads

    Fist Loads

    Michael Janich and Craig Foushee demonstrate some of the applications of fist loads. A fist load is any tool that you can grip to use as a weapon.

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  • Target Areas

    Target Areas

    During a close-quarters fight, target areas on an attacker are the parts of his body that make him dangerous to you.

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  • Clear, Control, Counter in an Armed Environment

    Clear, Control, Counter in an Armed Environment

    Rob Pincus teaches the 3 Cs: Clear, Control, Counter when an attacker draws a weapon in a close-quarters armed confrontation. Clearing before you counter your enemy means that you clear the weapon or yourself from the space prior to counter-attacking, and it is an important skill to utilize. If you don’t do this, you risk…

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  • Versatile Magazine Pouch

    Versatile Magazine Pouch

    Instead of collecting multiple magazine pouches, consider buying a versatile pouch that you can use to easily fit various types of magazines.

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  • Myths of Retention Shooting

    Myths of Retention Shooting

    Rob Pincus disproves a few of the common retention shooting myths that are regularly taught in handgun training courses.

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  • Why Context is an Important Part of Your Training

    Why Context is an Important Part of Your Training

    Rob Pincus discusses why training a skill in context is vital for being prepared for the real thing. It’s easy to feel overconfident about your shooting after you hit a target dead center from 100 yards while standing still, and this confidence doesn’t do you any good when you are faced with a live, dangerous…

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  • Creating Behavioral Cover

    Creating Behavioral Cover

    Behavioral cover, although not often trained, is a tactic that may just save your life in a last-ditch survival improvisation. Rob Pincus explains how simply raising an object to your face, be it your hand, a book or a briefcase, can be enough to delay your enemy’s shot.

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  • Mugging Money

    Mugging Money

    Ask anyone who has ever been on the wrong side of a mugging how they responded. Chances are they did the smart thing and gave the mugger everything they had.

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