• Limp Wrist' or Unsupported Platform Failures

    Limp Wrist or Unsupported Platform Failures

    Rob Pincus discusses what may be a bit of a sore spot for some defensive shooters: unsupported platform failures, and in particular, what is referred to as a “limp wrist’” failure. This might have happened to you or someone you know, so you should know how to avoid it. Failures occur when you don’t drive…

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  • Fred Perrin "Street Beat" Knife

    Fred Perrin “Street Beat” Knife

    Whether you’re a knife enthusiast or are completely new to the weapon, the Spyderco ‘Street Beat’ Knife designed by Fred Perrin is an excellent choice.

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  • Ohai Modular Holster

    Ohai Modular Holster

    Rob Pincus reviews the benefits of owning and using the Ohai movable puck-type holster.

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  • Active Shooter Response with Family Member: Addressing the Threat

    Active Shooter Response with Family Member: Addressing the Threat

    Rob Pincus explains the proper protocol for addressing the threat when a family member or friend is taken down by an active shooter. Rather than trying to be a hero and immediately running to the victim’s side, be a hero for everyone and make sure the active shooter has ceased his fire. This will assure…

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  • Active Shooter Response: Parking Lot

    Active Shooter Response: Parking Lot

    Imagine the following: you’re coming out of a grocery store pushing your cart into the parking lot when, two rows down from you, an active shooter suddenly draws a gun. You hear screams of shock, and the deep boom of his shotgun rings out.

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  • Moving while Shooting in Close Quarters

    Moving while Shooting in Close Quarters

    The best technique for moving away from and shooting at a target in close quarters is demonstrated. The optimal strategy is to drive your gun into extension while rapidly moving away from the target to create a wider envelope for engagement. To effectively complete this drill, begin an arm’s length from your target in retention…

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  • Identifying Faulty Magazines

    Identifying Faulty Magazines

    Training with faulty magazines can create bad training scars and prevent you from establishing proper stimulus-response patterns. Rob Pincus teaches the proper way to find faulty magazines during training sessions.

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  • Spontaneous Emergency Reload

    Spontaneous Emergency Reload

    Next time you're on the range, try this emergency reload drill with your students or training partners. Rob Pincus demonstrates this response-testing drill to teach you how to prepare for the unexpected need for a reload during a defensive shooting.

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  • Magazine Release Modification

    Magazine Release Modification

    If you find the magazine release process to be cumbersome, you might want to look into doing an aftermarket modification for an extended magazine release.

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