• Full Size and Compact Gun Pairs

    Full Size and Compact Gun Pairs

    After you choose a firearm for personal defense, consider getting both the full size and compact versions of the weapon. Rob Pincus discusses why he thinks owning both sizes makes you a more versatile gun owner. A larger gun is preferred for multiple reasons, including its longer sight radius, larger grip area, and greater magazine…

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  • Belly Band Holsters

    Belly Band Holsters

    If you're looking for a low-profile, compact way to carry a defensive firearm, look no further than the Belly Band holster.

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  • Gun Reload Training Tips

    Gun Reload Training Tips

    When practicing your reload, doesn’t it make more sense for real-world application if you don’t know when the bullets are going to run out? Rob Pincus demonstrates a training exercise you can use to keep your reflexes sharp.

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  • Defensive Shooting in Motion Training Drill

    Part 5. Defensive Shooting in Motion Training Drill

    In this instructional video, Rob Pincus demonstrates shooting in motion. You’ll learn why traditional shooting and moving on the range are too choreographed and static to be applied to real-life situations. Rob shows a simple exercise you can use to practice shooting while moving. It is extremely valuable for situations when an attacker is just…

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  • Browe Combat Optic

    Browe Combat Optic

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the benefits of the BROWE Combat Optic, the advanced sight that is perfect for use in live combat, on security patrol, or in certain cases, self-defense in the home.

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  • Self Defense Flashlights

    Self Defense Flashlights

    Rob Pincus shows the fundamental differences in flashlights designed for use in personal defense. A Personal Defense Network original video.

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  • 22 Magnum Snub Nosed Option

    22 Magnum Snub Nosed Option

    Rob Pincus dispels the theory that a 22mm snub-nosed magnum is preferred over the 38mm option.

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  • 6:14

    Browe Combat Optic

    Rob Pincus discusses zeroing your home defense long gun optic and why the normal rules of The Plausibility Principle are trumped by the efficiency of zeroing your rifle for much further distances than you would most likely be using it.

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  • Trigger Guard Holster

    Trigger Guard Holster

    Rob Pincus reviews the pros and cons of the new Trigger Guard waistline “holster” for your compact handgun.

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