• 2:50

    Winchester Hybrid-X Ammunition

    Rob Pincus conducts ballistic gelatin testing on the new Hybrid-X ammunition from Winchester. He fires a round of 9mm Winchester Hybrid-X into 10% ballistic gelatin through two layers of cotton fabric, to obtain wound ballistics data. What sets the Hybrid-X ammunition apart from other rounds? Winchester Hybrid-X Hybrid-X is a new design from Winchester Ammunition,…

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  • 6:50

    Worlds Collide: Assessing the Environment

    Looking around to determine what action you need to take is radically different for competitive and defensive shooters. In this video, Team Springfield’s Rob Leatham and PDN’s Rob Pincus break it down. Assessing the Environment: Competition As Rob Leatham explains, the competitive shooter assesses his environment in advance of when he shoots. It’s called a…

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  • basic firearms training

    Basic Firearms Training for a New Shooter

    One of Rob Pincus’ missions is to show how easily and quickly people with no experience can get started with the fundamental skills of defensive shooting. In under ten minutes, Rob teaches a new shooter basic firearms training using some simple commands: “Extend the gun – touch the trigger – slowly and smoothly press the trigger.” Soon the student is getting high-center-chest hits. The acquisition of simple defensive shooting skills should be just that – simple – and then followed by training in more advanced concepts.

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  • 4:32

    Repealing the NFA

    If you’re interested in firearms mainly for personal defense, why should you care if the National Firearms Act (NFA) is repealed or not? Rob Pincus offers some compelling reasons. What Is the NFA? The National Firearms Act was enacted in 1934 and was the first federal attempt at gun-control legislation. It regulates ownership and use…

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  • 2:18

    Stopping Violence Efficiently

    Doing anything efficiently means accomplishing your goal with as little time, energy and effort as possible. When it comes to stopping violence, what are the most efficient ways to stop or avoid it? Avoidance Avoidance is definitely a strategy for efficiently stopping violence. If you remove yourself from the area where violence is occurring or…

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  • Avidity Arms PD-10

    Avidity Arms PD-10 First Look

    A purpose-built defensive gun designed by Rob Pincus, the Avidity Arms PD-10 striker-fired pistol has gone into production and will soon be available for sale. Here’s our first close look at it. Avidity Arms Avidity Arms was founded by PDN’s Rob Pincus and others, with one goal being to bring to the market handguns designed…

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  • 6:48

    Prioritizing Needs & Skills

    Self-defense is a huge topic with a lot of different specialty areas. You may have a lot of different concerns when developing your self-defense training plan. The first thing you want to do is prioritize your needs and then prioritize the skills that will help you meet those needs. Needs These are things like home…

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  • Carrying Firearms

    Carrying Firearms: The Myth of Empty Chamber Carry

    One significant myth of defensive shooting is the idea that, when carrying firearms, you are equally as well prepared to defend yourself if you carry a firearm with an empty chamber as when you carry with a round in the chamber. Some people advocate carrying firearms essentially unloaded — with no round in the chamber…

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  • Prepping the Gun Trigger

    Prepping the Trigger

    Staging or prepping the trigger — taking up the slack on a modern striker-fired pistol — is advocated by some as it helps the shooter make a shot that needs a high level of precision. But Rob Pincus encourages defensive shooting students not to prep the trigger, because it is a technique designed for marksmanship…

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